Roses Vanille Candle
Roses Vanille Candle
Roses Vanille Candle
Roses Vanille Candle
Roses Vanille Candle
Roses Vanille Candle
Roses Vanille Candle
Roses Vanille Candle

Roses Vanille Candle

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Calabrian Lemon | Rose | Vanilla
  • Top Notes: Calabrian Lemon
  • Middle Notes: Rose Loukoum
  • Base Notes: Cedarwood, Vanilla, White Musk
Size: 10oz
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  • Top notes: Calabrian Lemon
  • Middle notes: Rose Loukoum
  • Base notes: Cedarwood, Vanilla, White Musk

The path of beautiful rose pedals leads to the breathtaking cabin in the rainforest of Brazil. Smoke rises through the chimney to fill the air with tones of vanilla. Musky sandalwood notes are hard at work to satisfy all with this very delectable and loving aroma. Roses Vanille is a magical fragrance for a passionate evening that will have your senses emerge into a flawless sensual experience.

Frequency Asked Questions

What are the candles burn time?

Our 10oz candles will burn for 60 hours, our 14oz candles will burn for 85 hours, and our 70oz candle will burn for 415 hours.

They have an initial burn time of at least 3, 5, 8 hours respecfully.

Be safe! Never leave your candle unattended and in a safe spot away form children and/or pets.

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