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Meet the Lèlior Team

Natalie Lazarovich | Meet Our Team | Lèlior

Natalie Lazarovich | Founder, Creative Director, & Perfumer

As the Founder, Creative Director, and Perfumer of Lèlior, Natalie Lazarovich infuses her worldly experiences into every facet of the brand. Her extensive travels have cultivated a profound passion for art, culture, design, and aesthetics. Natalie Lazarovich's beautiful visions shape Lèlior’s scents and products, which in turn infuse the homes of Lèlior’s clientele through stunning scents and visually elegant designs. With extreme attention to detail and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Natalie Lazarovich curates aromatic experiences that captivate and inspire.

Ido Headshot | Meet Our Team | Lèlior

Ido Lazarovich | Founder, CEO, & Perfumer

At Lèlior, Ido Lazarovich displays excellence as CEO, Founder, and Perfumer. His familial heritage fuels a lifelong passion for scent, driving him to establish Lèlior as a leader of olfactory artistry. As CEO, Ido guides the brand with visionary leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. However, it is as 'Perfumer' that Ido truly excels, blending ingredients to make scents that cater to the diverse aroma preferences of all individuals. With dedication and masterful skill, Ido Lazarovich shapes Lèlior into a brand where art, science, and heritage intersect, enriching the lives of Lèlior’s clientele.

Eric Langone | Chief Operating Officer | Lèlior Team

Eric Langone | Chief Operating Officer

Eric Langone, the Chief Operating Officer, is entrusted with a diverse array of responsibilities reflecting his dynamic role within Lèlior. In addition to overseeing day-to-day operations to ensure efficiency and productivity, Eric manages operational budgets, optimizes business processes, and monitors key performance indicators. His strategic sharpness extends to ensuring the effective utilization of resources, further enhancing Lèlior's operational excellence. Eric's multifaceted approach emphasizes his role in driving innovation and growth.

Hiram Pierre | Creative Director | Lèlior Team

Hiram Pierre | Creative Director

Hiram Pierre is the Creative Director, overseeing all graphic and creative designs. With a wealth of experience in the graphic design industry, Hiram is a seasoned professional skilled in product development, branding, digital marketing, and creative direction. His expertise is rooted in a degree focused on Graphic Design from Miami International University of Art & Design. Hiram's creative vision and meticulous attention to detail shine through in every project he undertakes, consistently delivering visually stunning and impactful designs that enhance Lèlior's brand identity. Hiram is a valuable asset to the Lèlior team, driving innovation and creativity across all facets of the brand.

Angelica Headshot | Meet Our Team | Lèlior

Angelica Machado | Financial Coordinating Director

Angelica Machado is an accomplished Financial Coordinating Director with a wealth of
experience in strategic financial planning and budget management. Her keen attention to detail and analytical acumen have led to streamlined financial operations and enhanced fiscal
performance within our organization. With her exceptional leadership skills and dedication,
Angelica has become an invaluable asset in guiding our financial team to new heights of

Shachaf Bar Zakay | Chief Financial Officer | Lèlior Team

Shachaf Bar Zakay | Chief Financial Officer

Shachaf Bar Zakay is a highly skilled Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with a proven track record ofdriving financial expertise and optimizing business profitability. His visionary leadership andfinancial prowess have played a pivotal role in shaping our company's financial strategies,leading to unprecedented growth and success in our financial management.

Eleame Headshot | Meet Our Team | Lèlior

Eleame Galan | Chief Production Officer

Eleame Galan serves as the Chief Production Officer, renowned for her extensive market research and strategic insights into the Latin American region. With a discerning eye for identifying new business opportunities, Eleame has been instrumental in expanding our company's presence and forging valuable partnerships in the LATAM market. Her exceptional analytical skills and profound understanding of regional dynamics render her an indispensable asset to our business growth endeavors.

Jake Milkovich | Meet Our Team | Lèlior

Jake Milkovich | Director of Sales and Services

Jake Milkovich, Director of Sales and Services, is known for his innovative, data-driven methodologies. With a proven track record of boosting revenue and expanding market reach, Jake has propelled Lèlior to unprecedented sales achievements. His expertise in analyzing market trends and devising strategic plans consistently drives tangible sales growth, setting new benchmarks for success. Jake demonstrates his commitment to driving sales and enhancing customer service standards every single day. His role includes spearheading sales initiatives, optimizing service delivery, and fostering client relationships.

Maya Bogis | Lèlior Team

Maya Bogis | Director of Communications

Maya Bogis is the Director of Communications at Lèlior, responsible for developing and implementing communication strategies, social media management, public relations, and media relations. With a sharp focus on detail and proactive planning, she enhances brand presence and fosters audience connections. Maya excels in securing product placements, forging partnerships, and leveraging sponsorships to amplify brand visibility. Maya's skills encompass the creation of content for various communication channels such as press releases, blogs, digital content, and social media posts, ensuring consistent brand messaging. Her strategic communication efforts, aligned with organizational goals, play a critical role in shaping Lèlior’s public image and reputation.

Ashley Velez | Marketing Director | Lèlior Team

Ashley Velez | Marketing Director

Ashley Velez, the Director of Marketing, is responsible for developing and executing all digital marketing efforts, including website management, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, while overseeing social media marketing and online advertising. As an accomplished marketing director with a proven track record of driving success in multi-million dollar e-commerce businesses, Ashley brings a wealth of expertise to drive brand visibility and revenue. Her strategic process in crafting compelling campaigns tailored to resonate with target audiences ensures measurable results. Ashley's proactive approach to digital marketing trends and optimization strategies keeps Lèlior ahead of the curve in its industry.

Ana Burgos | Production Manager | Lèlior Team

Ana Burgos | Production Manager

Ana Burgos is the Production Manager at Lèlior, overseeing the intricate processes that bring our products to life. Anna ensures that production runs smoothly and meets the highest standards of quality. Her proactive approach and problem-solving skills ensure that any challenges are swiftly addressed, keeping our operations on track. Anna's commitment to excellence and her ability to streamline workflows make her an invaluable member of the Lèlior team, contributing to our continued success in delivering exceptional products to our customers.

Tye Avital | Director of Client Relations | Lèlior Team

Tye Avital | Director of Client Relations

Tye Avital is a dynamic leader with seven years of retail management experience, starting as an Assistant Manager in her late teenage years and swiftly advancing to oversee multiple stores within two years of joining. Graduating summa cum laude with dual degrees in Marketing and Management, Tye's academic achievements mirror her practical expertise. At Lèlior, she serves as Director of Client Relations, managing all customer service inquiries and managing sales initiatives with a proven track record of success. Tye's history of managing stores for multi-million-dollar companies highlights her ability to achieve exceptional results and cultivate long-lasting client relationships.