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General Questions

What is Lèlior?

Lèlior is a fragrance brand. We have our own line of cold air scent diffusers, a few of these models can be connected to your HVAC system in your home or office to diffuse scents throughout your entire space.

What types of products does Lèlior offer?

Lèlior offers multiple products including fragrance oils, reed diffusers, candles, soaps, cold air diffusers, and HVAC diffusing systems.

Are Lèlior's fragrances all-natural?

Yes, our products are free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates. Additionally, our products are animal cruelty free, they are safe around children and pets, our fragrances are compliant with IFRA regulations, Proposition 65 Regulations, and all other US regulations.

How are Lèlior's fragrances made?

Lèlior fragrances are made in our state of the art lab by blending the richest natural ingredients and natural oils. Our process follow IFRA regulations.

How does office / business scenting work?

Office scenting utilizes our fragrances to scent your office and business space. Scents can help boost moods and feelings, and even increase productivity of your employees. Your business can reach out to us, and our experts will help you decide which fragrance option is best for you and your business. Whether you have an HVAC system or not, we can make sure your office space smells exactly how you want it to.

Can Lèlior create a custom scent for my business?

Yes, we certainly can. Please Please out to our fragrance experts and we can work together to formulate a unique fragrance just for you and your brand.

Can I test the scents?

Certainly! Please feel free to contact us, and one of our skilled scenting experts will promptly get in touch with you to offer professional guidance in selecting the ideal fragrance for your home or business. We will provide you with a tailored assortment of scents from our extensive scent library, carefully curated to meet your specific needs and preferences. You can also choose to create your own free sample pack here.

How are Lèlior's fragrances made?

Lèlior fragrances are made in our state of the art lab by blending the richest natural ingredients and natural oils. Our process follow IFRA regulations.

What is the best way to use Lèlior's products?

The best way to use Lèlior products is with the Lèlior diffusers. Find a space you would like to scent, find a Lèlior diffuser that matches your style, discover your favorite fragrance, fill up the diffuser, plug it in, and let the fragrance fill your room.

Are Lèlior's products safe for pets?

Yes, our products are safe for pets, children, your furniture, and artwork. Cold air diffusion does not leave any residue and our products do not contain harmful ingredients.

Does Lèlior offer any discounts or promotions?

Yes we do, please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on our social media platforms to get early access to all of our discounts and promotions.

How can I contact Lèlior customer service?

You can reach Lèlior customer service through our website where you can chat with a real live human who is working here in the USA, you can email our customer support email, or you can call our customer support line at 1.855.553.5467.


Shipping & Returns

What is Lèlior's return policy?

Lèlior has a very easy to use return portal and our return policy is very user friendly.

Who is Lèlior's return policy?

We offer free shipping on all orders with a minimum purchase of $5 USD in the continental US, some exceptions apply. We also provide you with a transparent returns and exchanges policy, so you can shop with confidence. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply contact our customer service team, and we will work with you to find a satisfactory solution.

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Product Information

What is a cold air diffuser?

A cold air diffuser, also called a nebulizing diffuser, is a scent diffuser that uses air pressure to atomize fragrance oils without heat or water. This technology breaks down the fragrance in the cleanest way and dispenses the scents evenly throughout your space. Cold air diffusion is a process that uses high pressure and cold air to diffuse essential oils or fragrance oils into the air. Unlike traditional aroma diffusers that use heat, cold air diffusion doesn't alter the composition of the oils, which means that their therapeutic and aromatic benefits remain intact. In a cold air diffuser, the essential oils or fragrance oils are atomized into tiny particles using high pressure air. The resulting mist is then released into the air through a nozzle or vent. The tiny particles of mist are able to travel through the air and can cover a large area. Cold air diffusion is often used in commercial settings such as hotels, spas, and offices, but it's also becoming popular in homes as an alternative to traditional aroma diffusers. Because the oils are not heated, they are safe to use around pets and children, and they can be diffused for longer periods of time without any risk of the oils losing their potency. Overall, cold air diffusion is an effective way to scent a space and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils or fragrance oils.

What is an HVAC diffuser?

An HVAC diffuser is a diffuser that connects to your Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning unit of your home, or place of business. These diffusers utilize cold air diffusing technology to evenly diffuse fragrance oils throughout your HVAC ventilation system. As long as the fan is running for your system, the fragrance will be evenly distributed throughout your entire space.

How long do Lèlior's fragrances last?

Lèlior fragrance bottles should last you approximately one month. This also depends on your daily use habits and the intensity you have the diffuser set to. All up to your personal preference.

How often do I need to refill my diffuser?

You will need to refill your diffuser whenever you are running low on oils. Each diffuser has a specific size chamber to put the fragrance oils into. Depending on your use, you may have to refill your diffuser once a month. This is really depending on how often you use your diffuser and the intensity levels your diffuser is set to.


Account & Subscriptions

Is there a commitment for subscriptions?

All subscriptions are 20% off regular price with a monthly recurring purchase for a minimum of 3 reoccurring purchases before cancelation.

Can I pause or cancel a subscription?

Yes, of course. You can pause or cancel a subscription any time you want in the customer portal, as seen in the screenshot below. The only time when the subscription can't be cancelled is if you started a subscription which requires a certain number of payments before you can cancel it.

The customer portal can be accessed through the magic link you received in the email that was sent to you when you placed an initial subscription order in the shop. You can also access your subscriptions if you create an account in your shop.

Can I add products to my subscription?

Of course. You can add products to your subscription in the customer portal. Just click on the Edit button in the products card and edit, remove or add products to your subscription.

If you have any issues, contact support at or use the live chat and we can update the product for you.

What happens if the payment can't be processed?

If the subscription can't be renewed because a payment can't be processed you will receive an email with a link where you can safely update your payment method.

How can I view my past orders?

Option 1: You are able to track orders through the live chat with either the order number and email or tracking number.

Option 2: If you log into your account you will see your order history. If you click on the order number it will display additional information.

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