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Top 3 Valentine’s Day Home Scenting Gifts for Your Sweetheart
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Top 3 Valentine’s Day Home Scenting Gifts for Your Sweetheart

The Season of Love (and More Gifts!)

The holiday season has barely ended, and here we are, facing another round of celebrations and gift-giving. Although it may seem a bit much, and our wallets may be suffering, let’s think about it in a different way for a moment.

If you’re blessed to have someone that you love in your life, consider yourself fortunate. Yes, Valentine’s Day might be a pricey, commercialized holiday, but it’s still a wonderful opportunity to show your special someone that you love and appreciate them. 

Lèlior loves celebrating love, and we’re super excited to share with you our top 3 Valentine’s Day gifts that will have your sweetheart thinking of you all year long! (And they’re affordable!)

The Scent of Romance

All relationships go through similar stages, from the exciting beginning of “I like you and let’s see where this goes,” to the settled, comfortable long-running relationship that at times may get a little too comfortable. First, let’s focus on the exciting new relationship.

You want to get something that shows you like your special person, but you don’t want to invest your life’s savings in it. For situations such as this, we have the perfect solution: a beautiful reed diffuser.

Reed Diffusers

Lèlior offers a gorgeous selection of elegant reed diffusers that smell incredible. Reed diffusers are perfect for smaller spaces such as powder rooms, small bedrooms, and any intimate space. They’re also very affordable and are packaged in elegant, high quality boxes. 

One of our favorite reed diffusers that exudes the scent of romance is Parfum Regis, inspired by the famed St. Regis Hotel. An exquisite fusion of roses, apple, quince, lilies and cherry blossom, Parfum Regis is a truly unique fragrance that your love will enjoy for months on end.

If your bae prefers a heavier, more woodsy scent, they’ll love Celui, a decadent combination of leather, cinnamon, sandalwood, oud wood, and so much more. Notes of vetiver and lemon add a fresh brightness to this unique scent, making it perfect for enjoying anytime, anywhere. 

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Lèlior has discounted all reed diffusers by 40%, so you can enjoy a great savings and the object of your affection will enjoy a thoughtful gift that sure beats chocolates and roses! (Not that you shouldn’t give those, too!)

Starter Kits 

Moving on to established relationships - it’s a given that your partner will expect more than a reed diffuser. Therefore, Lèlior has put together beautiful Starter Kits that are designed for different needs and price points. 

Lèlior’s Le Petit Voyage Starter Kit contains our Le Petit Voyage travel diffuser plus one 50ml fragrance oil of your choice. Wireless, compact and lightweight, this handy little travel diffuser is great for the car, desk, coffee table, and any smaller space. It easily fits in a purse and is a wonderful on-the-go companion.

Our entire selection of romantically scented fragrance oils is all-natural, non-toxic, vegan, chemical, paraben and phthalate-free. They’re also safe for humans and pets of all ages, so you and your love can enjoy them completely guilt-free. 

Similar to the Le Petit Voyage, Lelior’s Voyage de Luxe Starter Kit is specifically designed to place in the car, and comes with 2 10ml fragrance oils of your choice.

For a grander gesture of love and devotion, we recommend Lelior’s L’Etoile or Le Versailles Starter Kits. Both are designed to scent larger spaces such as large bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and more. They’re also both wireless, so you can enjoy their fragrant aromas anywhere in your home.

L’Etoile comes with two 50ml fragrance oils, and Le Versailles comes with 3 50ml fragrance oils. Both diffusers are powerful, stylish, and nearly silent. They also use a waterless nano-mist technology which ensures even dispersion of scent with zero residue. All of Lèlior’s diffusers are extremely powerful, and you’ll notice their scent spread around the space within seconds.

Fall in Love with Fragrance

Perfumes have always been a popular gift for Valentine’s Day, but the downside is they’re very pricey and not an easy choice, especially if you don’t know what your sweetie likes.

Lèlior’s home fragrance collection is full of every type of scent you can imagine, from musky to floral to exotic and more. Choosing the right fragrance is easy with our quick Scent Quiz, and each fragrance has a description and list of ingredients to make your choice that much simpler. 

Take advantage of Lelior’s Valentine’s Day Sale, with all products up to 50% off. Give your love the gift of a beautifully scented home, and celebrate your love together all year long! 

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