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Fall into Luxury with These Fall-Inspired Fragrances

Fall into Luxury with These Fall-Inspired Fragrances

Hello, Fall!

Finally! It’s that time of year again, when most of us can look forward to going outdoors without melting. The air has that cool tinge of crispness, or if you’re really lucky, that fresh blanket of glistening snow. Fall is here in all its glory, with its orange-hued rainbow forests and pumpkins ripe for the picking. 

By now, most of you have had the chance to break out the fall wardrobe, with those super cozy cable-knit sweaters and knee-high boots. Where we’re located, we’re barely putting on a ¾ sleeve shirt and maybe a pair of pants - and yes, we’re still sweating… 

And who needs a warm, crackling fireplace to curl up in front of? Is a steaming hot chocolate with creamy whipped cream and a few heavenly marshmallows sprinkled on top really that different when you’re enjoying it in 90-degree weather?

All jealousy aside, we’re super excited to share some of our top fragrance picks for fall!

Our Top 3 Fall Fragrance Picks

Do you love the comforting smell of vanilla? How about the citrusy scent of bergamot with a hint of warm nutmeg? No, we didn’t describe our favorite fall drink - it’s actually one of our most delicious fragrance combinations! Enchante is an Eastern spice market-inspired combo that lights up your home with bright notes of Sichuan pepper and warm, smoky tones of nutmeg and vanilla. It’s sure to get your fire going!

Next up is a combination that will surprise you. This rich, complex fragrance has hints of leather in it. Yes, you read that right! Leather. It’s a smell that evokes a type of rugged romantic feeling combined with the ultimate in luxury. As the star ingredient in our Celui fragrance, leather shines when paired with Sandalwood, Oud, and Cardamom. This incredibly unique fragrance will lovingly envelop you in its deeply rich, sensual tones.

Looking for something on the lighter side? Bois Sombre is a bright, colorful fragrance bursting with the sweetness of lychee and plum, while giving off deeper notes of black currant, musk, and sandalwood. It’s a combination like no other, and sure to make you want to stay home forever - or, at least until you run out of food. 

If you want to make this fall and holiday season extra special, add Lelior’s Enchante, Celui, or Bois Sombre fragrance oils to your home!

Here’s to the beginning of a beautiful holiday season, filled with people you love, places you love, and scents you love!

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