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Create Your Signature Scent Using Fragrance Oils

Create Your Signature Scent Using Fragrance Oils

Your Home’s Unique Scent

Did you know that the human nose can detect more than 1 TRILLION smells? According to the National Institutes of Health, all of our senses are amazing in their ability to detect an enormous range of smells, colors, sounds, and tastes. While one may think our eyes are stronger than our noses, our eyes detect only several million different colors (which is extremely impressive!) Our ears detect about half a million sounds, or tones, and our tongues detect a mere 100,000 different flavors.

Interestingly, all of these senses, with the exception of our sense of smell, are limited by certain dimensions such as wavelength, frequency, and loudness. However, our sense of smell has no such limitations, which is why we can smell an exceptionally large variety of scents.

Smells are incredibly complex, far more than we may realize. For example, a rose is made up of 275 different components, but only a few contribute to the aroma we actually smell. So where does the number 1 trillion come from? Are there really even 1 trillion different types of smell?

Through different studies, scientists have found that humans can detect scent overlap between 50-90%. This means when two or more scents are combined, human noses could still detect the individual aromas of the original scents, up to 90% overlapping. This seemingly endless combination is what contributes to that impressively large number.

Who knew our noses were so amazing?

Add this fact to the incredibly deep connection between our sense of smell and our limbic systems, and we can basically call ourselves superhumans! Our limbic systems are responsible for emotion and memory, and it’s clear how smells can trigger positive and negative emotions and memories in a split second. 

Today we’re going to highlight Lèlior’s Sample Fragrance Box, which you can use to find your very own signature scent. Your home will smell so unique, even your guests will appreciate it!

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Discovering Your Home’s Signature Scent

Each of us is a world unto ourselves, and our unique scents are just one part of what makes us different. The fragrances we like, from perfumes to laundry detergent, are personal expressions of how we feel and what we are drawn to. Of course, they can be multi-faceted, changing with the seasons, our mood, or even just because.

Even our homes have their unique scents. If you were to walk into 10 homes blindfolded, chances are you would immediately know which home is yours based on its smell alone. 

Your home’s scent is something that not only reflects your lifestyle; it also reflects what you desire and feel like on any particular day. For example, if you are drawn to rich earthy scents in the winter, you may instinctively desire a comforting environment. If you like bright floral scents during the spring and summer, you may want to bring that sunshine and fresh air into your home.

Lèlior offers over 30 fragrance oils, each with their own unique twist. But, when you start to pair them together, you can make magic happen!

So how does one go about discovering their home’s signature scent through combining fragrance oils?

Take Our Scent Quiz

The first step we recommend is to take our quick and easy Scent Quiz. This will help you decide what types of fragrances you are drawn to, from woody to fruity and everything in between. 

Once you have found the types of scents you like, the next step would be to do a quick review of our beautiful fragrance oils. We have divided them into categories to help make your search easier. We offer Hotel Collection for luxurious, hotel-inspired scents, Flower Collection for floral scents, Designer Collection for high-end luxurious aromas, Destination Collection for scents inspired by exotic locales, and Santal Collection, an exotic, Indian-inspired line of woody, spiced fragrances. 

Lèlior also offers a line of Aromatherapy fragrances, consisting of pure essential oils that will calm, energize, help focus, and so much more. 

Let’s Mix and Match Scents!

Now that you have decided on which scents you like, we recommend trying your hand at being a perfumer using our Fragrance Sample Sprays. In it, you will receive 10 2ml sample spray bottles with the fragrance oils of your choice, along with paper wands for testing the samples.

Get ready to have fun as you test different combinations of fragrances to find your signature scent! This process is very enjoyable and enlightening, as you discover new combinations that have likely never been done before.

Once you’ve decided on your new signature scent, it’s time to apply it to the rest of your home by ordering your fragrance oils and diffusers. Our large selection of diffusers are designed for every need, from scenting small spaces to scenting your entire home. All of our diffusers come equipped with automatic shut-off features and timers, and they all use waterless nano-mist technology to ensure even distribution of scent with zero residue.  

Creating something new is not easy in a world where so much has been done. However, the possibilities of creating new and exciting scents are endless! We hope you enjoy this unique experience and create a new signature scent that you can call your own.

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