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The Top 4 Diffusers for Sale to Elevate your Space

What’s in a Space?

It might seem like a funny question, but when you think about it, your personal space is so important. It is a reflection of who you are on many levels. Your space shows what style you like, what’s important to you, what’s not important, and so much more. Are you a cozy type that loves lots of plush pillows and a soft, cushiony couch? Or do you prefer a more minimalist, streamlined look? Do you like to fill your space with mementos and pictures that evoke happy memories?

Our personal space, from our bathrooms to our living rooms, are all comprised of our personal touch. Color scheme, choice of fabrics, decorations - everything we put into our homes says something about what we love.

Today we’re going to highlight four of the best diffusers on the market that can take your personal space to the next level. 

The Importance of Elevating your Space

Sense of smell is a very complex and important sense, and it’s the sense most closely related to our emotions and memories. A pleasant, familiar scent instantly brings feelings of nostalgia and longing. A strange or unpleasant smell can immediately lower your mood, even if you try to ignore it

One surefire way to improve your mood, and therefore your day, is to properly scent your space. Giving your home, bedroom, office, or car a beautiful smell actually elevates your space. What does that mean? Elevate means to lift, so adding an irresistible smell to any space actually lifts the energy of that space, and your mood as a result.

Adding a beautiful fragrance to your personal space can literally make your day. Imagine waking up in a great mood because your bedroom smells intoxicatingly delicious. In those first few moments, you’ve set the tone for your day. You’ve also set the tone for your interactions with others throughout the day.

Yes, scenting is that powerful!

L'Etoile Diffuser on nightstand in bedroom | Lèlior Blog

Four Diffusers, Four Different Needs 

All of Lèlior’s diffusers are designed with specific needs in mind. The following choices are our top picks for your home and beyond.

Wouldn’t you love to walk through your front door and be greeted by a delicious, inviting scent? Our La Tour diffuser is a tall and slender low-profile floor diffuser that’s perfect for spaces up to 1,000 square feet. Place it in your entryway or living room to enhance the vibe of your common living areas. Available in two stylish color options, it blends in well with your decor.

Speaking of common spaces, if you have a separate powder room for guests, our La Bardot diffuser is a must. Designed specifically for small, intimate spaces, La Bardot adds a touch of glamour that your guests will be grateful for. It’s also perfect for small bedrooms and offices, livening up those spaces with any one of our 30+ fragrance options

If you’d like versatility, our L’Etoile diffuser is perfect for you! Our first wireless diffuser, it’s lightweight and scents up to 500 square feet. Take it with you from your bedroom to your kitchen for use when cooking. Take it outside when enjoying the crisp winter air. Use L’Etoile to elevate your outdoor dinner party or when you just want to enjoy a little quiet time under the stars. There are endless options with this easy-to-use diffuser! 

If you’re the type that appreciates a beautiful fragrance wherever you are in your home, our L’Art de Paris diffuser is a wonderful choice. It easily hooks up to your HVAC system so you can enjoy your favorite aroma from anywhere in your home. If you’d rather plug it in, this powerful diffuser scents up to 3500 square feet, so you can still enjoy it from wherever you are at home. 

Ready. Set. Elevate!

Adding a personal touch is what makes your space personal. It’s so much more than just a physical space, isn’t it? Therefore, isn’t it a great idea to add another layer of personal touch to that space? 

The four diffusers we have listed above are just some of what’s available on our site. We offer an extensive line of diffusers for every need - even for your car! All of our diffusers are also equipped with timers, automatic shut-off features, and adjustable intensity modes so you can optimize your scenting experience.

Pair your diffuser with any one of our 30+ hand-crafted fragrance oils for the ultimate scenting experience. They are all non-toxic, chemical-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and safe for humans and non-humans of all ages. Our fragrance options range from our famed Hotel Collection to Aromatherapy, to Destination and so much more. 

Not sure which fragrance suits you best? Try our 1-minute Scent Quiz to find out! 

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