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Scents to Help Calm Your Baby

Little babies are so adorable, cute and cuddly, and fun to play with - especially when they’re not yours. But if they’re yours… oh, boy. Little babies are a lot of work! No one can prepare us for the unbelievable amount of stress that comes with caring for a baby, especially a newborn.

Unless your baby has been blessed by the Sleep Fairy, they’re keeping you up at all hours, needing feeding, changing, holding, walking around, rocking, and don’t even think about sitting still! Babies are smart, and they come with built-in sensors that set off an internal alarm when you stop moving. 

This is all difficult enough, but if your baby suffers from colic or is teething, or is overtired, their cries can be heartbreaking and frustrating, and will occasionally push your sanity to its limits.

There are so many cool gadgets and swings that are available these days to help soothe your baby. They help a lot, but sometimes they’re not enough. What if you’re in the car and your baby is hungry or tired, and can’t stop crying? What if you’re out and your baby keeps crying no matter what you do?

Lèlior’s mission is to add a touch of sunshine to your day and put a smile on your face. That’s why we’ve decided to dedicate a blog post for all of those exhausted, worn-out, exasperated new parents that are doing their best every single day. We see you!

Today we’re going to highlight 3 beautiful fragrance oils that will help you calm your baby, and hopefully you’ll get to rest, too!

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Lavender to the Rescue

By now, you may be aware of lavender’s powerful calming effects. Most people use it by placing a few drops of lavender essential oil on their pillow to help them fall asleep.

That works well for grown-ups, but babies are a bit more… challenging.

Sometimes you need to pull out all the stops to help calm a fussy or crying baby. That means swaddling, rocking, feeding if necessary, pacifier, and on and on.

There is one more thing you can do to help your baby quickly calm down, and it works beautifully in conjunction with the above mentioned tactics. 

That thing is… scenting!

Lèlior offers over 30 high-quality fragrance oils that are completely chemical-free, vegan, paraben and phthalate-free, and all-natural. They are non-toxic and safe for humans and pets of all ages. We hand-curate our fragrances using all-natural ingredients, so you can enjoy them completely guilt-free.

Our first pick, Calm, comes from Lèlior’s Aromatherapy Collection. This collection is made from powerful combinations of pure essential oils, and each fragrance is a beautiful blend that really does what it says. 

Calm is a delicate combination of lavender, chamomile, and bergamot, with sweet tonka beans and woodsy sandalwood base notes to round out this gorgeous fragrance. Place a few drops of Calm into your favorite fragrance oil and watch your baby quickly begin to relax. 

Bergamot, along with its fresh floral and citrus scent, is known for its uplifting, mood boosting properties, and is an addition that you and your baby will appreciate.

Rest is another essential oil from Lèlior’s Aromatherapy Collection, and it’s very similar to Calm. The difference is that Rest is more woody scented, with notes of cedarwood and musk alongside sandalwood. 

Our third top choice is Lavande Rose, an elegant floral combination of lavender, roses, and vanilla, with evergreen added for a burst of freshness. Your baby will enjoy the soothing aromas of Lavande Rose as they drift off to sleep. 

The Dream Team of Scenting

Pair Calm, Rest, and Lavande Rose with any of Lèlior’s powerful diffusers to experience the "Dream Team" of home scenting.

Why do we call it "The Dream Team"? Because your baby will be welcome into dreamland before you know it! 

Lèlior’s lightweight, durable diffusers have been designed with all of your needs in mind. 

Le Petit Voyage is a wonderful car and travel diffuser, perfect for calming your baby when you’re on the go. L’Etoile and Le Versailles are wireless diffusers that are ideal for your baby’s bedroom. 

To scent larger areas such as a living room or a more open floor plan, Lelior’s Conception de Luxe Mini, L’Eiffel, or Le Cousteau floor diffusers are a great option. Your baby will sleep comfortably in their swing or playpen as these diffusers envelop your living space in their irresistibly relaxing aromas. 

Enjoying a good night’s sleep is considered to be a luxury for new parents, but we at Lèlior are hoping to make it a reality. With The Dream Team combo of Lèlior’s powerfully calming fragrance oils and diffusers, we hope you and your baby get to experience many nights of relaxation and deep sleep! 

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