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Scenting Secrets for Hosting the Ultimate Dinner Party

Everyone Loves a Dinner Party!

Let’s be honest. Hosting a dinner party is exciting, but it comes with a good amount of stress and pressure. There are endless details to consider, and cooking for a large number of people is a challenging task. However, the magical evening is worth it when you and your guests are enjoying the wonderful food and amazing ambiance. 

What is one of the most tantalizing aspects of a great meal? It’s how good it smells. A good smell actually makes things taste better. Remember the last time you had a cold? You couldn’t taste your food because you couldn’t smell it. Now we can see how much smell contributes to the culinary enjoyment of food. 

Furthermore, to really enjoy an experience, several senses need to be stimulated at the same time. Food is one of the ultimate sensory experiences we enjoy. The beautiful presentation, heavenly smell, and mouthwatering taste of a gourmet dish all add up to an experience so wonderful, it’s rivaled by few other such experiences in life. 

When planning a dinner party, the aroma of your home will play a vital role in adding to the atmosphere and overall enjoyment. Believe it or not, the fragrance of your home is potentially the most powerful factor that will contribute to your guests’ dining experience. It’s also the most overlooked aspect of entertainment. While people love to smell good food when they walk into a home, incorporating a beautiful fragrance will add a luxurious touch to their welcome and set the tone from there. 

Today we’ll share three scenting secrets that will have your guests raving about the aroma as much as the delicious food!

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The Magical Food & Fragrance Recipe

Creating a magical ambiance during your dinner party requires more than just great food and a varied selection of fancy drinks. It also requires the right balance of lighting. For example, candles on the table do wonders to add a romantic atmosphere to the evening. Music is also a foundational part of creating a social vibe during a dinner party. 

And now, on to our top three picks!

Encore Fragrance: Top Pick!

Our first choice is an elaborately layered fragrance oil called Encore. This rich floral scent combines rose petals, verbena, and sea lotus. Citrusy lemon adds a bright touch, and bamboo wood and clear musk balance out its brightness with an earthy aroma. Marine and rain accord lend a fresh, aquatic vibe to this incredible fragrance oil. 

Place Encore in your standing L’Eiffel diffuser. Sleek and low-profile, this powerful diffuser will evenly distribute Encore’s magic throughout your dining room and beyond, up to 1,000 square feet. Place it in the corner of your dining room and enjoy listening to your guests oooh and aaah over Encore’s dazzling scent!

Parfum Regis: Close Second!

Looking for an elegant fragrance with an exotic twist? Our Parfum Regis is a truly extraordinary scent, combining the fruity freshness of quince and apple with alluring floral notes of roses and white lilies. The exotic twist comes from the unique addition of cherry blossom, which adds a glamorous finish to this exceptional fragrance.

Pair Parfum Regis with your wireless L’Etoile diffuser when hosting a more intimate gathering. As a wireless diffuser, L’Etoile is also an excellent addition to your outdoor dinner party. Imagine the special ambiance of hosting a springtime dinner party with beautiful floral scents. It’s truly magical!

Bois Sombre: Last but not least

If you’re hosting a themed dinner party or serving unusual dishes, our Bois Sombre will leave your guests begging to stay longer. Richly spiced with pink pepper, patchouli, and black currant, this exotic fragrance also contains fruity notes of lychee and plum. Warm base notes of sandalwood and musk add the perfect finishing touch. 

Enjoy Bois Sombre in your Le Cousteau diffuser, which is made for scenting up to 2500 square feet. Your dining room, kitchen, living room and beyond will beckon your guests with the alluring call of Bois Sombre, and your guests will surely enjoy its seductive aroma from anywhere in your home.

The Smell of Success

Scenting your home for a dinner party is a largely overlooked yet powerful way to elevate your evening and make it unforgettable. While many scents are synthetic and full of toxins, all of Lelior’s fragrances are 100% chemical-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and safe for humans and pets of all ages. 

Our diffusers are also completely safe, equipped with auto shut-off features, timers, and adjustable intensity modes. They also use waterless nano mist technology, which ensures an even dispersion of scent with zero residue on your furniture, walls, and your body. Nearly silent, each diffuser works beautifully in the background or in the spotlight, and it will not detract from the enjoyment of your guests during your special night. 

With over 30 fragrances to choose from, you can be sure that your dinner party will be one your friends will never forget. Still not sure which scent to choose? Take our one-minute Scent Quiz to help you discover your favorite type of fragrance. 

Give your dinner party the smell of success with Lèlior’s fabulous fragrances!

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