Reed vs. Electric Diffusers: Which Type is Better?

Reed vs. Electric Diffusers: Which Type is Better?

The Joy of Scenting

While most of us may not attribute the word “joy” to the topic of diffusers, it actually is an appropriate word. Scenting is such a powerful way we can elevate the space we’re in. A beautiful aroma gives your personal space more than just a good smell. It gives it a certain vibe that’s felt by everyone in the room. 

That certain vibe, whether it’s luxurious, energetic, or calming, affects our mood. So, yes - scenting can improve our moods and give our days a splash of joy. With so many types of diffusers available, it can be tricky to decide what’s right for you.

Today we’ll be comparing reed diffusers and electric diffusers to help you pick the best option to meet your scenting needs. 

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Reed Diffusers: What They Are and Their Benefits

A reed diffuser is a glass bottle with a narrow neck that contains fragrance oil. Wooden sticks or rattan reeds are placed into the bottle and absorb the liquid, bringing its aroma into their upper section and then imparting the scent into the air.

Reed diffusers have no on/off button, so their scent is constantly emanating from the reeds. They’re mainly used in smaller, more intimate spaces like a bathroom, small bedroom, or on a desktop or table. 

While their scent release is consistent, you may or may not be able to smell it, depending on the size of the room. Reed diffusers are best used in very small spaces that contain the fragrance within a small parameter. 

Another benefit of reed diffusers is that they’re not electric, so you can leave your home or office without concerns of it malfunctioning.

However, being that their scent release is consistent, if you’re not home or using that space where your reed diffuser is, you won’t enjoy its beautiful scent. 

two L'etoile wireless, electric diffusers | Lèlior Blog

Electric Scent Diffusers: Pros and Cons

When considering scenting a larger space such as a bedroom, living room, or your entire home, electric scent diffusers are perfect for accomplishing this goal. 

The main reason electric fragrance diffusers work for larger spaces is their adjustable intensity setting. A higher setting will cause more fragrance oil to be released, leading to the scent being distributed further throughout the space. The downside to this may be that if the setting is too high, the scent can be overpowering and therefore unpleasant to be around.

This issue is easily remedied through a short initiation period after you have first begun to use your electric diffuser. Within a few minutes, you will quickly realize which setting works best to achieve the perfect balance of aroma in your space. 

Other features that make electric diffusers enticing are their automatic shut-off and timer settings. When you know you’ll be away from your diffuser for an extended and predictable period of time, you can simply set the timer on your electric diffuser. That way it will turn off when you’re not home, conserving its beautiful fragrance oil so you can enjoy it for a longer length of time.

Lèlior’s Variety of Diffuser Options

Lèlior has invested extensively into the development of our reed and electric scent diffusers, giving you the best experience possible when using any of our scenting products.

Our reed diffusers consist of high-quality reed sticks, ensuring a consistent and powerful distribution of scent. Combined with our beautiful aromatic fragrance oils, they are a wonderful choice for powder rooms, small bathrooms, and tabletops that you use, such as your desk, side table, or coffee table. 

Fragrances for Small, Intimate Spaces

Embellish your intimate spaces with luxurious aromas such as Parfum Regis, a gorgeous blend of white lilies, quince, and cherry blossom. If you prefer a rich, citrusy, and slightly woody fragrance, Aventadora will make a beautiful addition to your smaller spaces.  

Diffusers for Spacious, Larger Areas

For larger spaces, you can’t go wrong with any of our durable, powerful, and nearly silent electric diffusers. Made for scenting any size space, our diffusers will quickly and evenly disperse the beautiful aroma of any of our 30+ fragrance oils

woman with two small diffusers in bathroom | Lèlior Blog

Diffusers for Small, Compact Spaces

Our wireless diffusers, such as L’Etoile and Le Versailles are perfect for smaller spaces, scenting up to 600 square feet. They’re also versatile and lightweight, making them easy to use anywhere in your home - even outdoors! 

Lèlior also offers travel diffusers, standing floor diffusers, and powerful HVAC-compatible diffusers that disperse your chosen fragrance throughout your home, up to 20,000 square feet!

Find the Perfect Scent Diffuser 

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your powder room using a reed diffuser, or you’d like to make your entire home smell like The Ritz Carlton with one of our HVAC-compatible diffusers, Lélior has the perfect diffuser to meet your needs. 

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