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New to Scenting? Here’s How to Start

Everyone Loves a Beautiful Fragrance

Try to imagine the last time you walked into a place that smelled amazing. It could have been a store, restaurant, hotel, even someone’s home. What was your initial reaction? 

Chances are you noticed that incredible scent and instinctively took a deep breath so you could enjoy it even more. Maybe you didn’t notice, or maybe you did. One thing’s for sure - we all enjoy and appreciate a beautiful fragrance.

While home scenting has become immensely popular in the last several years, for many of us, it remains a topic that still feels unfamiliar and maybe a little intimidating. 

Today, we’re going to change that by giving you the “how-to’s” of beginning your home scenting journey. 

First, Discover Your Signature Scent 

Each of us has a type of scent that we’re drawn to, whether we realize it or not. Some may love florals, some may love fruity scents, while others enjoy warmer, musky tones. Of course, many of us love all types of scent, and our tastes may change depending on the season, the decor of our homes, or just because.

Lèlior has created a Scent Quiz to help you discover your signature scent. It takes as little as one minute, and will serve as a guide to help you narrow down what types of scents you’re attracted to. 

Next, Browse Lèlior’s Fragrance Categories

Lèlior offers a wide selection (over 30!) of all-natural, hand-curated fragrances. Different types of fragrances can be found among our various collections. 

Hotel Collection

Our Hotel Collection consists of uber-luxurious-smelling fragrance oils inspired by some of the world’s finest hotels, such as The Ritz Carlton, The St. Regis, and Hotel Cafe Royal London. These fragrances are perfect if you’re looking to add a touch of glam to your space.

Flower Collection

Our Flower Collection incorporates gorgeous combinations of elegant flowers. Roses, lilac, lavender, violet, and so much more are married with bright, fresh notes of evergreen and splashes of vanilla, and even a hint of sandalwood to add a touch of warmth. These scents are perfect for spring and summer, and for when you’d like to add a fresh, fragrant vibe to your home.

Designer Collection

Our Designer Collection is a tantalizing combination of unique scents, such as lychee, plum, ginger, nutmeg, sandalwood, and so much more. Each fragrance oil truly stands out, its unique notes beckoning you to stay and delight in its alluring aroma.  

Destination Collection

If you love to travel but can’t get away, our Destination Collection is the next best thing. Capturing the scents of exotic locales such as Capri, Mykonos, and Bora-Bora, this dazzling collection will carry you away on a fantasy of fragrance, with its fresh and lively aromas.

Santal Collection

The warm, spicy fragrances of our Santal Collection are perfect for those that want to add a touch of mystique to their environment. The sweet and musky scents of patchouli, saffron, vanilla, cedarwood, and more will transform your space into a sensual haven as you indulge in these unique fragrance combinations.


If you’re looking for simple fragrances that can aid in healing, Lèlior’s Aromatherapy Collection is a wonderful option. Its essential oils are used to promote calm, energy, focus, recovery, and much more, using delicious scents such as bergamot, lavender, chamomile, and others.

Scent Diffusers

Pair any fragrance oil with one of Lèlior’s durable, lightweight, high-quality diffusers for the ultimate scenting experience. Complete with timer, automatic shut-off setting, and adjustable intensity setting, you can customize the intensity and length of scenting to create the perfect environment.

Finally, Choose a Fragrance Starter Kit

Another way to begin scenting your home is with Lèlior’s Starter Kits. We offer several different options, from a smaller, portable diffuser and oil to a diffuser with 3 fragrance oils. Each starter kit is designed with your needs in mind, giving you the option of scenting smaller or larger spaces. 

Our Le Petit Voyage Starter Kit is great for scenting smaller spaces, such as a small bedroom, office, or bathroom. You can even take it in your car! This kit comes with your choice of 10ml fragrance oil. 

The L’Etoile Starter Kit is ideal for larger bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. This is a wireless diffuser, so you can enjoy it outdoors during a romantic candlelit dinner or while sipping a glass of wine under the stars. This kit comes with two 50ml fragrance oils in two different options, and the L’Etoile diffuser is available in several stylish color options as well.

Lèlior’s Le Versailles Starter Kit is a wonderful choice if you know you already love scenting but didn’t know where to start. This stylish wireless diffuser is constructed with a fluted top and available in several color options. It comes with three 50ml fragrance oils, making this a great value for beginners.

Enjoy Safe Scenting

It is known that fragrances can be loaded with synthetic chemicals, endocrine disruptors, and even pesticides. That’s why it’s important to familiarize yourself with the quality of any fragrance you may be considering. By law, the word “fragrance” on a label can actually consist of hundreds of chemicals that the FDA does not require the company to list. 

Lèlior is a family-run company that was founded to give others access to beautiful fragrances without compromising their health. All of our 30+ fragrance oils are completely chemical-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic, all-natural, and safe for humans and pets of all ages. 

Furthermore, all of our diffusers use a waterless nano-mist technology, ensuring an even dispersion of scent without leaving any residue on your furniture, clothing, skin, and especially in your lungs. Most of us don’t consider the effects of breathing in toxic fragrances because we can’t see what they’re doing to our bodies. 

When you purchase a Lèlior product, you can be confident that you are getting a top-quality product that is safe for you and your loved ones. Wishing you a happy and safe scenting experience!

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