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How Fragrances Interact with Different Fabrics

The Fragrance-Fabric Connection

Have you ever noticed that your perfume or cologne can leave a long-lasting scent on your clothes? That’s because different types of textiles absorb fragrances and scents to varying degrees. 

Think of the last time you cooked, especially if you fried something. The smell of your food made its way into your clothing because of the porous nature of the fabrics. It’s interesting to note that cooking with garlic, onion, and other strong-smelling foods will make their second appearance the next day in your perspiration, as you’re sweating off those calories at the gym. 

Today we’re going to discuss the fragrance-fabric connection and discover how certain fabrics can help enhance our home fragrance oils.

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Fabrics that Enhance Fragrance

When a fragrance meets a fabric, a magical thing happens, called encapsulation. This means that the fragrance molecules get trapped inside tiny capsules in the fabric called microspheres, and are then released into the air over a varying period of time.

The controlled rate of release of fragrance can help the fragrance last longer, providing us with a consistent aroma and giving us longer-lasting enjoyment. One thing that helps release the aromas of the fragrance faster is moving the fabric. Creating movement within the microspheres encourages the release of the fragrance they’re holding.

Let’s apply this to furniture. You may notice that different areas of your home have a stronger scent than others. Those areas are usually the ones that are used more often. Part of that reason is because you’re constantly sitting on the couch or chairs, and maybe walking on the carpet. The constant movement of the fabric in that furniture is helping the fragrance molecules get released more consistently.

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Different Fabrics for Different Fragrances

Now let’s take a look at how different fabrics can enhance different types of scents.

The general rule is the higher the surface area, or space between the fibers of the textile, the higher the rate of release of fragrance. 

Cotton and linen are two fabrics with some of the greatest surface areas, allowing the scent molecules to constantly be released with every little movement. Bamboo, hemp, and denim are three other fabrics that aid in spreading a good scent.

If you have furniture with any of these textiles in it, they pair beautifully with floral, spiced and woody fragrances. Our Flower Collection is perfect for spring, with its delicately fresh and bright combinations of flowers such as rose, lavender, jasmine, and so much more. This collection in particular offers room sprays, which are wonderful not only as an instant fix, but can be used to spray delicately on your bedding or couches with the fabrics we have discussed above. 

If you prefer a spicy, exotic scent, you’ll love our Santal Collection. Ingredients such as patchouli, saffron, leather, and musk will work wonders on your textiles, enhancing the alluring aromas of this gorgeous fragrance oil collection. It also contains earthy, musky scents using ingredients such as sandalwood, oakmoss, and cedarwood. 

Most furniture and carpeting is made of a combination of nylon, acrylic, and polyester, including some cotton as well. These less porous fabrics don’t absorb and release fragrances as much, so they pair better with stronger scents. 

Lèlior’s Hotel Collection is composed of absolutely gorgeous combinations of scents, including amber, sandalwood, gardenia, cinnamon, leather, and much more. Our Santal Collection also works beautifully with the textiles mentioned above.  

The Secret to Successful Scenting

While we have shown how certain fabrics can help enhance your favorite fragrance oil, it doesn’t mean that it won’t work well with any fabric in your home.

In reality, with the right diffuser and high-quality fragrance oil, no matter which type of fabric you have, the scent will still be the star of any room. A great diffuser / potent fragrance oil combination is the secret to successful scenting. That’s it!

All of Lèlior’s stylish diffusers are durable, lightweight, and easy to use. We also offer several wireless and portable diffusers, so you can use them in your car or place them outside as you enjoy your evening glass of wine under the stars. We offer a large variety of HVAC-compatible diffusers for those that wish to make their entire homes smell irresistible. 

Every diffuser is equipped with a timer, automatic shut-off feature, and variable intensity setting so you can ideally customize the level of fragrance. 

Speaking of fragrance, all of Lèlior’s custom, hand-crafted fragrance oils are completely chemical free. They are also non-toxic, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and safe for humans and non-humans of all ages. 

Making your home smell amazing doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need are top quality ingredients and some beautiful, durable furniture, and you can create your own unique masterpiece!

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