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Find Your Scent Quiz: Expert Tips for Finding Your Signature Scent

Signature Scents... Everyone Has One

We all have a signature scent, even if we may not realize it. The truth is, everywhere we go we’re smelling signature scents. Think about the stores you frequent. Don’t you recognize their smell instantly? Even if you weren’t in that store, you would likely still recognize their scent.

How about your perfume or cologne? While most of us have more than one, there are usually one or two that we tend to use the most. When you find yourself meeting up with close friends or loved ones, don’t you instantly recognize their fragrance choice? 

Amazingly, after childhood has long since ended, you would likely still recognize your mother’s perfume, your father’s cologne, and maybe even your first love’s fragrance.

Today we’re going to highlight why having a signature scent is so important, and show why your home needs one, too.

The Scent of You

Why is having a signature scent so important? And does it really matter when you’re home or at work?

Great questions! Let’s talk about our personal signature scent and why it’s so important to have one. 

Most of us take great care into how we present ourselves to the world. Our hairstyles, clothes, even shoes say so much about who we are and what we like. But our scent - the way we smell - is one of the most important aspects of our individuality. 

As soon as we meet someone, we’re instantly attracted to or repelled by them, and a large part of that comes from how they smell. That’s because smell bypasses our rational brains and goes right to the thalamus, hippocampus, and amygdala - three key regions responsible for emotions and memories.

Discover Your Signature Home Scent

The smell of your home is just as important as your personal scent. It creates an ambiance that can’t be denied. Stepping into a home with an inviting, warm, luxurious smell instantly evokes feelings of happiness and comfort. 

With over 30 fragrance oils to choose from, we understand picking a fragrance might not be so easy! 

Find Your Scent Quiz

Our Scent Quiz is a great way to start your journey to finding your signature scent. Do you love floral scents? Musky, spicy scents? Exotic scents? In just one minute, you will be able to narrow down your choices. 

The Scent Quiz also helps you figure out which diffuser best suits your needs. Are you looking to scent your entire home or one or two rooms? What about your powder room? That is always an important area to scent because it is used by guests, and it is a thoughtful touch. 

Explore Lèlior's Curated Scent Collections

Imagine walking through your front door in the evening, greeted by the exquisite aromas of one of the world’s top luxury hotels in our Hotel Collection, or the exotic spicy scents from around the world in our Destination Collection. Feel all of the stress from your day instantly melt away when you’re welcomed home by your favorite fragrance.

Would you love to fall asleep wrapped in fragrant floral bouquets? Check out our elegant Flower Collection, a feminine line of delicate scents sure to give you sweet dreams!


We at Lèlior understand how important having a signature home scent is. It is an expression of who you are, what you love, and how you want others to feel when they walk into your home. A signature scent is one way of how you want the world to see you, and it’s just as important for your home as it is for your body. 

Happy Scenting! 

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