Discover Your Perfect Lèlior Scent Based on Your Personality

Discover Your Perfect Lèlior Scent Based on Your Personality

Ever wondered how to find that one fragrance that perfectly captures your essence? At Lèlior, we believe that choosing your signature scent is all about finding a fragrance that resonates with who you are on the inside. Whether you're born to be a star, a sweet soul at heart, or any personality in between, your ideal match awaits you. Discover how our beautifully curated fragrances align with your unique traits and style!

The Sweetheart

Personality Traits: You are warm, caring, and nurturing, with a heart full of kindness and compassion. You’re the beloved friend everyone turns to for comfort and genuine affection, and your presence is always a source of joy.

Fragrance: Pistachio Gelato

Collection: Gourmand  

Notes: Pistachio, Vanilla, & Cherry  

Description: This fragrance from our Gourmand Collection features a comforting blend of pistachio and vanilla with a hint of cherry. These notes perfectly capture the essence of your loving and empathetic personality, including the delicate care you bring into the lives of those around you.

The Star

Personality Traits: You captivate attention with your charm and charisma, thriving in the spotlight and leaving a memorable impression wherever you go. Your magnetic presence and lighthearted nature uplift those around you, as you shine brightly with the desire to bring joy and smiles to others. An entertainer at heart, you belong in the center of the stage.

Fragrance: Saint-Tropez

Collection: Destination  

Notes: Pink Pepper, Mint, & Ginger  

Description: Saint-Tropez’s vibrant blend of pink pepper, mint, and ginger embodies the dazzling charm and vivacity of a true star. This fragrance from our Destination Collection mirrors your energetic spirit and ability to light up any room, making it the perfect choice for those who live to entertain and inspire.

The Modern Muse 

Personality Traits: A true trendsetter, you are stylish and ahead of your time. You inspire others with your refined sense of fashion and make a statement wherever you go.

Fragrance: Cinquième Avenue

Collection: Designer  

Notes: Jasmine, Neroli, & Amber  

Description: With its chic floral and amber notes, Cinquième Avenue is a fan-favorite from our Designer Collection. This fragrance captures the essence of high fashion, perfect for those who lead with style and grace.

The Adventurer

Personality Traits: You are energetic, spontaneous, and always on the lookout for new experiences, whether through physical activities or traveling to new places. You embrace life with equal amounts of enthusiasm and curiosity, scaling mountains, running marathons, or simply seeking out new adventures. Your wild, free spirit knows no bounds, and you thrive on the excitement of discovering what’s around the next corner.

Fragrance: Mykonos

Collection: Destination  

Notes: Sea Spray, Melon, Rosemary, & Lotus Flower  

Description: Mykonos, a refreshing fragrance from our Destination Collection, captures the rush of adventure with a blast of sea spray, rosemary, and melon. This fragrance’s fresh, dynamic notes evoke the thrill of outdoor escapades and active pursuits. It is the perfect choice for those who live for the excitement of new experiences and the thrill of a high-energy lifestyle.

The Quiet Soul

Personality Traits: You cherish moments of solitude and reflection, finding serenity in your own company. Deep connections and thoughtful conversations are more meaningful to you than large social gatherings. Your introspective nature seeks peace and quiet.

Fragrance: Lilas Noir

Collection: Flower  

Notes: Lilac, Honey, & Sandalwood 

Description: Lilas Noir’s floral aroma perfectly complements your gentle nature with its blend of lilac, honey, and sandalwood. This fragrance from our Flower Collection offers a soothing experience, providing a sense of calm and tranquility. It is an ode to the beauty of simplicity and creates a soft atmosphere of quiet elegance.

The Intellectual

Personality Traits: Your love for knowledge and intellectual curiosity define you. You thrive in an academic environment of learning and discovery, always seeking to expand your horizons and deepen your understanding. Your curiosity drives you to explore new ideas and concepts. 

Fragrance: Santal 20  

Collection: Santal  

Notes: Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Cedarwood, & Musk  

Description: Santal 20 is the quintessential fragrance for the intellectual explorer. Its sophisticated blend of vanilla, toasted tonka bean, and cedarwood mirrors the depth and complexity of scholarly pursuit. The musk adds a layer of sensuality, enhancing the experience with a touch of contemplative allure. Just as the pursuit of knowledge unveils new layers of understanding, Santal 20 from our Santal Collection reveals a deeper, more intimate facet of intellectual elegance.

The Romantic

Personality Traits: You are deeply touched by love and beauty, finding joy in the romantic aspects of life. Your appreciation for the finer things makes you a connoisseur of romance.

Fragrance: Lavande Rose 

Collection: Flower  

Notes: Rose, Lavender, & Evergreen  

Description: Lavande Rose captures the essence of romance and true love. With a focus on the timeless elegance of rose and a subtle hint of lavender, this fragrance from our Flower Collection embodies poetic charm, perfect for those who revel in the beauty of love.

The Creative Visionary

Personality Traits: Your mind is an endless realm of imagination and wonder. You love dreaming up creative possibilities and bringing new ideas to life. As an artist, you find beauty in originality and self-expression.

Fragrance: Bois Sombre 

Collection: Designer  

Notes: Lychee, Plums, & Pink Pepper  

Description: Bois Sombre’s imaginative blend of lychee, dark plums, and a kick of pink pepper is ideal for dreamers who see the world through an artist's lens. This fragrance from our Designer Collection mirrors your artistic vision, transforming everyday moments into extraordinary experiences.

The Bold Leader

Personality Traits: You are fearless, driven, and assertive. As a go-getter who exudes confidence, your presence is both reassuring and commanding. You strive to take charge whenever you can, always making impactful decisions along the way.

Fragrance: Celui

Collection: Hotel  

Notes: Leather, Cinnamon, & Musk  

Description: Celui, a popular fragrance from our Hotel Collection, is a powerful blend of leather, cinnamon, and musk. Celui symbolizes strength and authority, perfect for the firm and influential leader.

The Rebel

Personality Traits: You challenge conventions and dare to break the mold, embracing your independent spirit and desire for change. Your bold approach and unconventional style set you apart from the crowd, giving you an edge that others admire and even envy.

Fragrance: 540

Collection: Designer  

Notes: Saffron, Moss, Jasmine, & Fir  

Description: 540 captures the essence of rebellion with its intense blend of saffron, moss, and jasmine. This fragrance from our Designer Collection celebrates the importance of both rebellion and individuality. It embodies the fearless spirit of those who thrive on pushing boundaries and standing out from the crowd.

The Optimist

Personality Traits: You see the glass as half full and approach life with a positive outlook. Your optimism and zest for life makes you a beacon of hope for those around you.

Fragrance: Le Chemin

Collection: Hotel  

Notes: Citrus, Green Tea, & Lemon  

Description: Le Chemin, a fragrance from our Hotel Collection, boasts bright and uplifting notes of citrus and green tea. Le Chemin was crafted to embody your spirit of optimism. This invigorating aroma lights up a room just like you do!


No matter which personality resonates with you, there's a Lèlior fragrance that perfectly matches your unique essence. So go ahead, find your flawless fit, and let your fragrance tell the world who you truly are!

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