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Designer of the Week: Chanel®

     Chanel® is the epitome of opulence, refinement, and enduring glamor. Founded by the legendary couturier Coco Chanel, this brand has etched its name into the archives of fashion and beauty history.
     Among its many iconic creations, such as the legendary Chanel® suit and the timeless Chanel No. 5® perfume, one fragrance stands out - BLEU DE CHANEL.
In this feature, we delve into the world of Chanel and its famed fragrance, BLEU DE CHANEL, which has served as the muse for our own "Bleu" fragrance.

The History of Chanel®

    At the intersection of fashion and fragrance, Chanel® has carved a luxurious path. Founded by the visionary Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel in 1910, the brand's journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Coco Chanel herself was a pioneer herself, challenging the conventions of her time by introducing comfortable and practical clothing for women. This liberated them from the constraints of corsets and fashion clichès. Her minimalist yet elegant designs set a new standard in the fashion world, echoing the sentiment that "less is more." This philosophy of simplicity and timelessness not only defined her style but also became the hallmark of Chanel's creations. 

    Today, the legacy of Coco Chanel endures through the brand's classic designs. Chanel® remains a symbol of coveted luxury, cherished by fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Coco's audacious spirit lives on in every Chanel® creation, reminding us that style should always be liberating.


    BLEU DE CHANEL is a men's fragrance that was launched in 2010. It is a woody, aromatic scent that is both fresh and sensual. The fragrance was created by renowned perfumer Jacques Polge, who has been the nose behind many of Chanel's iconic scents. Lèlior’s fragrance, Bleu, is a modern take on the BLEU DE CHANEL® men's fragrance, with notes of citrus, ginger, and sandalwood. It has become a staple in many men's fragrance collections, and its popularity continues to grow, selling over a million bottles each year.

Lèlior’s Bleu Fragrance

    At Lèlior, we were inspired by the timeless elegance of BLEU DE CHANEL and wanted to create a fragrance that captured its beauty. Our bleu fragrance is a unisex scent that is perfect for any locality, home, or commercial space. It has a pristine top note of bergamot, followed by a heart of jasmine and rose, and a base of sandalwood and musk. 

Chanel®’s Influence

    Chanel's influence extends far beyond the ateliers of Paris. It became a global phenomenon, with boutiques and admirers strutting around the world. The brand's dedication to quality and craftsmanship has earned it a well-deserved reputation for glamoured excellence. 

    In conclusion, Chanel® is a brand that has left a ravishing mark on the fashion and beauty industry. Their flawless fragrances, including BLEU DE CHANEL, are a testament to their elegant style. Our bleu fragrance is inspired by the iconic BLEU DE CHANEL and is a tribute to the brand's legacy. Try it for yourself and experience the allure of Chanel®.

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