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Create Your Own Winter Wonderland Using Seasonal Scents

Baby it’s Cold Outside

Nothing makes us feel more cozy than being indoors while it’s cold outside. If it’s snowing, that’s a bonus - unless your car starts disappearing under a mountain of snow! Nonetheless, being indoors during the winter means there are many opportunities to turn your home into the epitome of coziness. 

Grab a steaming hot chocolate and curl up under that plush throw, because today you’re about to learn how to transform your space into a real-life winter wonderland using some amazing seasonal scents. (Don’t forget the whipped cream!)

cinnamon on table

The Magic of Cinnamon for Scenting

Ahhh, cinnamon. It’s arguably the best, most versatile ingredient in many desserts and foods. While sugar makes things taste sweet, cinnamon is a bit different. It adds a sweet yet woody flavor. Add too much and your taste buds will be overloaded with its spicy, bold taste. Cinnamon adds a certain warmth to many desserts, layering their sweetness with the seasoning equivalent of a warm blanket. 

When it comes to smelling cinnamon, its effects on us are no less powerful. You’d be hard pressed to find a person who can resist cinnamon’s intoxicating, trance-inducing effects. What happens to most of us when we smell cinnamon? Our eyes automatically close a bit, we instinctively breathe in deeply, and we might even tilt our heads back in delight as we savor that irresistible aroma.

Lèlior understands how good we feel when smelling a beautiful scent. We also understand that we shouldn’t have to pay for that good feeling with our health. That’s why all of our 30+ fragrance oils are all-natural, paraben, phthalate, and chemical free. They’re completely non-toxic and safe for humans and pets of all ages.

Celui is a beautiful fragrance that’s the perfect addition to your home winter wonderland. Along with cinnamon, it contains notes of cardamom, oud wood, sandalwood, and leather. Yes, leather. These woody, musky scents are wonderfully balanced by the bright, fresh scents of lemon and vetiver. Inspired by 1 Hotel South Beach, Celui will make your home smell so warm and inviting, you won’t want to leave!

Pair Celui with our compact and powerful La Piaf diffuser to enjoy its fragrant scent throughout your home. All of Lèlior’s diffusers use cold air nano mist technology to ensure an even distribution of scent without any mess or residue. They’re also equipped with timers, auto shut-off features, and adjustable intensity settings. 

hand holding cup of coffee | Lèlior Blog Image

Coffee: a Secret Scenting Weapon

Nothing wakes us up like the smell (and taste) of coffee. Sometimes it’s the only thing that can get us up! Just thinking about savoring that first cup when we’re still half-asleep in our beds is usually the main motivating factor to get us out of them. This is even more true when it’s cold outside. No one enjoys having to leave their warm cocoon of fluffy comforters so they can shiver their way to the bathroom. But then they remember that cup of coffee tempting them from the kitchen, and suddenly, they’re racing to the bathroom with such renewed energy!

Ah, yes. The magic of coffee. That’s why we’ve put it in our best-selling Café Royal fragrance oil. Café Royal is a luxurious-smelling fragrance that is inspired by Hotel Café Royal, London. Warmer tones of sandalwood and musk are added to its coffee notes, and they’re all balanced by bright, floral scents. It’s nothing short of magical - just like coffee. 

Place this elegant aroma into your wireless Le Versailles diffuser so you can enjoy making every space in your home smell like one of London’s most luxurious hotels. Take it into the kitchen to enjoy when you’re cooking. Place it on your coffee table when you’re relaxing on the couch. Put it on your dresser or nightstand to enjoy sweet dreams. 

If you’ve ever seen London in the winter, you know that it is truly a winter wonderland. Now, all you have to do is turn on your diffuser to experience the enchanting elegance of Café Royal. 

Exotic Winter Scents

If you’ve had enough of those dreary gray winter days, we’ve got just the scents for you. Our Santal 18 fragrance oil combines the warmth and sweetness of vanilla, sandalwood and tonka beans with fragrant, bright top notes of jasmine, citrus, and iris. It’s a beautifully uplifting scent that is sure to bring a burst of sunshine to the coldest winter day. 

Another fragrance that beautifully combines exotic scents and winter is our famed Saint-Tropez fragrance oil. We’ve combined base notes of sandalwood and musk with the bright, refreshing scents of sea spray, mango, and citrus. This scent epitomizes the beauty, elegance, and rustic qualities of Saint-Tropez. 

Pair either of these beautiful scents with our Le Monet diffuser. Made to scent up to 500 square feet, it’s an ideal choice for a bedroom or intimate living room. 

A Winter Wonderland of Scents

Winter is a magical time of year, whether you’re shoveling snow from your driveway or basking in the hot sun. There’s a special feeling we get around the holidays, and creating an inviting ambiance at home adds to the enchantment. Incorporating beautiful holiday-inspired scents into your home elevates that magical feeling as you enjoy quality time with your loved ones. 

Turn your home into a winter wonderland today with Lèlior’s holiday-inspired scents! 

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