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5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Cooking Smells

The Joy of Cooking

Ahhhh, cooking. It might be safe to say that while most people love to eat, not nearly as many love to cook. And clean-up? Definitely not a preferred chore - hence the word, “chore.” 

If you happen to be a person that knows how to cook, you probably appreciate the delightful and pungent smell of garlic and onion sautéing in the frying pan, or the smell of a handsomely marbled cut of steak sizzling on your indoor grill. 

And chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven? Is there anyone in the world that can resist that indulgent, sugary, chocolatey aroma? 

Enjoying your gourmet meal usually lasts all of 10 minutes, and then it’s time to do the dishes and clean the kitchen. Yay!!

The problem is, even though the kitchen may be clean, those cooking aromas are still lingering around, like an annoying party guest that won’t get the hint that the party’s over and they need to leave. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you also have the smoke still wafting around - as if you needed a reminder of that yummy thousand-calorie meal that’s currently threatening to put you in a food coma.

Have no fear, kitchen kings and queens! Lèlior is here to save the day with our top 5 simple and easy tips on how to rid your kitchen of those pesky cooking aromas. 

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Cooking Smells Begone!

Believe it or not, it’s quite easy to get rid of those pesky cooking smells. All you need is a little patience, some more food (really!), a window, and a diffuser.

First, let’s start with the window. If you have a window near your cooking area, open it. Welcome that fresh air in and say sayonara to the stinky cooking air. However, if you’re at risk of stray bugs or pigeons inviting themselves to dinner, keep that window shut, please! You can also turn on your hood vent. Though it works slower, it’s a good idea to keep it on while you’re cooking to help minimize the amount of smoke circulating in the air.

Next, let’s talk about food. Lemons have a vibrant, fresh, citrusy flavor and scent, and they’re a wonderful way to clear up those cooking smells. Just cut a lemon in half, add it to a smaller size pot of boiling water, and simmer for about 10 minutes. 

If you don’t have lemons, white vinegar is a good substitute. Simmer it for about an hour in a pot of water, or spray a light vinegar mist in the air. While it gets rid of greasy kitchen smells, you might not enjoy its strong, tangy scent.

You can also leave coffee grounds or baking soda in a bowl while you’re cooking, and those will also absorb the odors. It doesn’t work immediately, but by the morning those heavy aromas will be gone. (Patience, darling!) 

A Natural Scenting Solution

Let’s take it one step further. What if we could get rid of bad odors and, at the same time, add some appealing aromas?

Lèlior offers a large selection of all-natural, vegan, chemical-free fragrance oils and high-quality diffusers that will almost immediately get rid of those pesky cooking odors. And by “get rid of,” we don’t mean that they’ll mask those odors. They really will get rid of the cooking smells.

With over 30 hand-curated fragrances to choose from, you can make your kitchen smell like The Ritz Carlton, the island of Capri, your favorite flower, and more. Why not indulge in the exotic scents of an Indian spice market or journey through a lush forest with our Santal Collection, or enjoy a rejuvenating aromatherapy session?

That’s the great thing about scenting with Lèlior fragrances. You can go anywhere, create any vibe you desire, or enjoy just being present while indulging in an exquisite scent. 

Pair any of our fragrance oils with one of our powerful, high quality diffusers. Designed with your specific needs in mind, we offer a wide range, from travel diffusers to wireless, floor, and even HVAC-compatible diffusers. 

We suggest one of Lèlior’s wireless diffusers to use while cooking. Place your Le Versailles or L’Etoile diffuser on the kitchen counter or table, and enjoy their magnificently luxurious aromas as you whip up a gourmet meal of truffle mac n’ cheese with a side of fries. 

If you’re a fan of a great deal, our Fragrance Starter Kits are the perfect solution to annoying cooking smells. For just a few dollars more than the diffuser alone, we’ve included several of our top selling fragrance oils, making this a wonderfully easy introduction to home scenting. 

Bye, Bye, Kitchen Smells!

Imagine breathing in the fragrant aromas of lemon blossom, green tea, and laurel leaf while cooking. And wouldn’t it be nice to not smell like your frying pan once you’re done?

The techniques we’ve mentioned above are all wonderful solutions to the problem of stubborn cooking smells. But only one of those solutions can be used anywhere in the home - Lèlior’s diffusers and fragrance oils.

Enjoy the delightful scents of your favorite fragrance oils wherever you go, in your home and beyond. Our wireless diffusers can easily be placed anywhere, from kitchen counters to coffee tables, dressers, even outdoors. Combined with fragrance oils made of all-natural, non-toxic ingredients, this is a winning solution for any space and any need.

Bon appetit!

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