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The Best Spring Scents to Brighten Your Space

We all love beautiful and bright spaces, but how do you achieve such a thing? Many people are convinced that the only way to brighten up their room is by opening the window shades and letting the sun in and while that is definitely one of the ways to go, Lèlior is here to shed some light on the effects of scenting your home.

Scenting your home also means bringing a touch of aromatic bliss to your desired space. A good scent can bring a room from average to superior. Thankfully, Lèlior has a wide range of fragrances that can all be used to bring some light into your life.

Capri: Destination Collection

Scents from Lèlior’s destination collection, like Capri, allow you to bring the sunny shores of your favorite destinations straight to your home. Capri is filled with Italian mandarin, cardamom, and caramel. The lovely embrace of the caramel draws in a mixture of sunlight, sweetness, and scentful moments. Capri is a great choice if you are looking to bring a sweet, zesty feel to your room. 

Bora Bora: Destination Collection

Next, we have Bora Bora. This exquisite destination is known for its vibrant culture and crystal-clear waters. The Bora Bora fragrance is enwrapped in mango, green apple, and orchid. This mixture creates a divine fragrance that is sure to please!

Roses Vanille: Flower Collection

If your senses are craving the smell of a beautiful garden, consider opting for fragrances that have rose, lavender, or any other hints of florals within them. The fragrances in Lèlior’s flower collection all resemble the smell of flowers basking in the beautiful sunlight on a typical spring day. Roses Vanille gives you the chance to infuse your home with a sweet and floral feel as it is encircled with lemon, vanilla, and rose. If you don't want such a sweet scent, you can head over to the other end of the garden and choose Lilas Noir, which has a more musky smell while holding the beauty of flowers within.


Lèlior has an extensive range of fragrances that are all sure to brighten up any space that you put them in. Are you ready to upgrade your home for Spring? Shop Lèlior’s fragrance collections today!

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