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From the Blooming Garden to Your Lovely Home

Lèlior’s Flower Collection is a symphony of aromas so beautiful and polished, it will leave you breathless. Each scent is flawlessly curated to infuse your space with an array of floral notes, ensuring a sweet and pleasant experience.

Jasmin Sauvage

Jasmin Sauvage welcomes you with the bewitching allure of a garden in full bloom. This fragrance, so lovely it feels like a stroll through a garden, blends intoxicating clove, jasmine, and tobacco, whisking you away to a world of elegance. Its flawless notes create a masterpiece that's bright, sweet, and deep.

Lavande Rose

Lavande Rose invites you to experience the harmony of a garden filled with roses and lavender. This stunning blend intertwines the gentle scent of rose, lavender, and evergreen to create a fragrance as graceful as a spring morning. Let its delicate balance of floral and woody notes fill your space with beauty and poise.

Lilas Noir

Lilas Noir uncovers the mystery of a moonlit garden with its alluring blend of lilac, sandalwood, and bergamot. This fragrance weaves a tale of charm and elegance that's simply irresistible. From its lovely top notes to its flawless base, Lilas Noir is an experience as unforgettable as it is enchanting.

Roses Vanille

Roses Vanille brings a journey of romance to your home with its blend of Calabrian lemon, rose, and vanilla. This amazing fragrance captures the essence of passion and desire in each intertwining note. Experience a room where love blooms and dreams come true when you let Roses Vanille linger in the air.

Ultra Violette

Ultra Violette elevates your senses with its blend of rosewood, violet, and amber. This fragrance is a symphony of beauty that's simply spectacular. Its enchanting top notes sparkle like dewdrops on a petal, while its elegant base lingers like a sweet caress.

At Lèlior, we believe that every home can benefit from the beauty of nature, and our Flower Collection is our way of bringing that vision to life. With fragrances that bloom so flawlessly, you'll feel like you've stepped into a world of floral bliss every time you diffuse them.

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