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Everything You Need to Know about Baccarat® Rouge 540

The world of perfumery reached new heights with the introduction of Baccarat Rouge® 540. In this blog, we take a look into the origins of Baccarat and the addition of Lèlior’s version of Baccarat® Rouge 540, a home fragrance designed to infuse the elegance of Baccarat into your living or office space. It's a revolution in the fragrance world, allowing you to enjoy your favorite perfume in a fragrance oil! The smell of Baccarat can now not only be on your skin, but also throughout the air and comfort of your HOME!

What is Baccarat® Rouge 540?

Maison Francis Kurkdjian's Baccarat® Rouge 540 is a fragrance that has captivated the perfume world. Born from a unique collaboration between Francis Kurkdjian and the prestigious crystal manufacturer Baccarat, this scent commemorates Baccarat's 250th anniversary. The name "540" holds special significance, representing the temperature (540 degrees Celsius) required to achieve the deep, rich red color of Baccarat’s signature crystal.

What are the Notes in Baccarat® Rouge 540?

Baccarat® Rouge 540 opens with a vibrant and slightly spicy top note of saffron, complemented by rich jasmine for a floral sophistication. The heart reveals a deep, warm accord of ambergris, imparting the scent with its distinctive, mineral-like quality. Base notes of creamy cedarwood lend the fragrance lasting power and complexity.

Why is Baccarat Trending?

Since its launch, Baccarat® Rouge 540 has become an iconic fragrance, admired by celebrities and casual wearers alike. With remarkable sillage and longevity, it leaves a lasting impression whenever it is worn. Its influence extends beyond perfumery, inspiring a range of products and fragrances, cementing its status as a fragrant icon associated with sophistication and refined taste.

Lèlior’s take on Baccarat® Rouge 540

Everyone loves to wear Baccarat on their skin, but what about diffusing it in your home or car? Lèlior has created a solution for this. Lèlior's perfumers have produced 540, a home fragrance that captures the essence of its inspiration, Baccarat® Rouge 540. Lèlior’s 540 opens with the same luxurious saffron, leading into a heart of rich bergamot, and a base of warm cedarwood. This careful recreation ensures that the spirit of Baccarat® Rouge 540 is preserved, allowing Lèlior's clients to experience its opulence through the power of home fragrance.

At Lèlior, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Our 540 home fragrance is crafted using the finest ingredients, inspired by the meticulous approach of Maison Francis Kurkdjian® Paris. Each bottle of 540 is a way for someone to have their favorite Baccarat® Rouge inspired scent within the coziness of their own space. With 540 diffusing in the air, it is sure that you will have a beautiful home, all in all. 

The Experience of 540 In Your Home

Diffusing 540 is more than just a sensory experience; it is an emotional journey. The fragrance produces feelings of luxury, and more importantly, CONFIDENCE, making it an ideal choice for special occasions or moments when one wishes to make a lasting impression! The scent's complexity and depth ensure that it evolves in the air for a long time, revealing different facets over time and creating a unique experience for each client.

When diffused in your home using a fragrance oil or room spray, the smell of 540 will encircle your entire space due to its potent make-up and formulation that consists of only high-quality ingredients. Lèlior's 540 is made up of pure oil, so you are sure to get the highest amount of scent in every spray, drop, or diffusion. You will never have to worry about the scent fading too fast or the bottle running out too quickly. A tiny hint of 540 through a diffuser is enough to fill your space for hours to come. 


Lèlior's tribute to Maison Francis Kurkdjian® with its 540 fragrance is a celebration of artistry, elegance, and sophistication. Inspired by the iconic Baccarat® Rouge 540, we invite you to experience the luxury of 540 and discover a new level of olfactory beauty through home fragrance!

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