The Power of Floral Scents: How To Turn Your Home Into A Blooming Oasis

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The Power of Floral Scents: How To Turn Your Home Into A Blooming Oasis
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The Power of Floral Scents: How To Turn Your Home Into A Blooming Oasis

As we welcome in the beauty of spring, the bliss of mother-nature becomes more benevolent than ever. The welcoming of spring also means the hints and glimpses of beautiful flowers spreading across the gardens and streets that you pass. Thankfully, Lèlior complements this vision flawlessly with the embrace of their very own Flower Collection.

Lelior’s Flower Collection boasts a range of aromas all inspired and made with the notes of your favorite flowers. Roses Vanille, my personal favorite and dubbed "most loved", is filled with the reddest of roses, calabrian lemon, and a touch of vanilla. Roses Vanille is definitely a fan-favorite when it comes to filling up your space with mother nature's finest, while also maintaining a sweet essence throughout the air & aura of your room. As we hop over to the other side of the garden, Lavande Rose lies upon a bed of roses, lavender, and evergreen. The evergreen in Lavande Rose provides a sharp, sweet, and refreshing smell to this everlastingly flawless fragrance.

If your preferred aromas peek elsewhere, you can pick up a bottle of Ultra Violette, that will encircle the grace of rosewood, violet, and amber. The rosewood will peak upon the notes of citrus, grapefruit and petitgrain, all derived from the leaves of an orange tree. On the other end of this amazing fragrance, violet will exude sweet smells that are sure to establish the aura of your space as nothing short of candy-like and romantic. 

Lèlior’s Flower Collection will be your best-friend when you are aiming to fill your space with the essence of spring. From the beauty of roses, to the gracefulness of loving lilacs, your home will be a spring oasis ready to bloom. Shop the Flower Collection today.

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