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Why the Best Lavender Oil is a Safe Choice for Your Pets

We all adore our pets, and we want to keep them safe! But how about when we want to scent our home? Lèlior is here to give you a 360° scent breakdown on how to make your home smell good while keeping your furry friends happy and healthy!

What Is Lavender Oil?

To begin, lavender oil is known for its restorative and beautiful properties that promote health and wellness through the power of scent. In ultrasonic diffusers, reed diffusers, and room sprays, lavender oil is used as a fragrance or essential oil. It is distilled from lavender flower spikes with steam. It brightens up the atmosphere of your home and makes it smell fantastic! Lavender oil has many medicinal properties, which is why doctors and mental health counselors alike recommend it to patients and consumers. This is to calm down stress, anxiety, or even body pain! A holistic approach using lavender oil could be more effective than other methods that may be deemed more intense.

Common Concerns About Essential Oils and Pets 

Many concerns arise when diffusing an oil, whether citrus, lavender, or another fragrance note, due to the effects it may have on their pets. Chemical-induced fragrances, paraben-filled liquids, and over-saturated oils should be avoided when you have furry loved ones. However, at Lèlior, all fragrances are natural and paraben-free, making them safe to diffuse and bring around your most-adored pets. Lèlior conveys the loveliness of lavender through pet-safe fragrance oils.

Benefits of Lavender Oil

When it comes to lavender, pets will actually benefit from the oil being present. Many pet owners use lavender oil to let their pets know it is time to relax. Using lavender oil just before winding down or relaxing is an instant cognitive reminder for the pet that it's time for them to rest as well if they see their owner utilize it on a regular basis. Pets benefit from lavender oil as it eases anxiety and stress symptoms. The properties of lavender work through calming and sedative compounds that promote relaxation and tranquility.

How To Use Lavender Oil for Sale

If you are looking for ways to calm your pet down through the beauty of lavender, try LÈLIOR! Lèlior has the best lavender-based fragrance oils that are all-natural and paraben-free! These oils will bring peace and relaxation to you and your pets (as well as making your home smell amazing!). 

For the most beautiful mist of oil to dance in the air, use a lavender-based fragrance oil and a diffuser. You can find an endless array of diffusers on Lèlior's website that will fit your space. 

Lavender-Based Fragrance Oils

Popular lavender-based fragrances include Lavande Rose, with a scent profile of lavender, rose, and evergreen. You can also settle for an aromatherapy oil, which is less potent than fragrance oils. You can enjoy Lèlior's rest essential oil that holds hints of lavender, bergamot, and chamomile! These gorgeous fragrances will be your best friend when you want to create a calming environment for yourself and your furry loved ones!

You can now create a beautiful, aromatic atmosphere in your home while ensuring the safety of your furry friends. Happy scenting!

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