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Matching Mythical Creatures With Signature Scents

Ever wondered what a dragon's breath or a siren’s song smells like? From the depths of Loch Ness to the hidden forests of the Pacific Northwest, mythical creatures have always sparked our curiosity and imagination. At Lèlior, we believe that scents can tell stories just as vividly as words. Join us as we explore the enchanting world of mythical creatures, pairing their legendary traits with our fragrances. Each scent is a portal to a realm of mystery, magic, and wonder—ready to spark your imagination and elevate your senses.


Origin: Various cultures, including Greek and Celtic mythology
Description: Aquatic creatures with the upper body of a human and the tail of a fish

  • Enchanting and mysterious
  • Often associated with beauty and danger
  • Symbolizes the unknown depths of the ocean

Lèlior Fragrance Match: Azora
The fresh, aquatic notes of Azora, with hints of sea breeze and marine accords, capture the essence of the ocean, while the subtle floral hints reflect the mermaid's beauty and allure.


Origin: Latin-American folklore
Description: A creature said to drink the blood of livestock, often described with reptilian or dog-like features

  • Mysterious and fearsome
  • Predatory nature
  • Represents the unknown threats lurking in the dark

Lèlior Fragrance Match: Santal 29
The dark, mysterious notes of Santal 29, with its rich sandalwood and smoky undertones, reflect the fearsome nature of the Chupacabra and the unknown, eerie qualities it represents.


Origin: Prominent in Eastern and Western mythologies
Description: Powerful and mythical reptiles, often capable of flight and breathing fire

  • Strength and wisdom
  • Guardians of treasures
  • Represents power and mysticism

Lèlior Fragrance Match: Oud Mood
The deep, exotic scent of Oud Mood, featuring notes of oud, benzoin, and Bulgarian rose, embodies the dragon's power and ancient wisdom, with a touch of woody smokiness representing its fiery breath.


Origin: European folklore, especially Celtic mythology
Description: Small, magical beings with wings, often living in nature

  • Playful and mischievous
  • Connection to nature and magic
  • Represents wonder and enchantment

Lèlior Fragrance Match: Lilas Noir
The enchanting floral and woody notes of Lilas Noir, with lilac and deep woodsy undertones, capture the fairy's magical and playful nature, with a hint of mystery.


Origin: Various cultures, with modern depictions popularized by Eastern European folklore
Description: Undead beings that feed on the blood of the living, often associated with immortality and nocturnal life

  • Seductive and dangerous
  • Symbolizes eternal life and the fear of the unknown
  • Often linked to themes of death and resurrection

Lèlior Fragrance Match: 24k Vanilla
The rich, deep notes of 24k Vanilla, with its luxurious vanilla and dark amber, evoke the allure of the vampire, with a sweet, seductive undertone of musk that mirrors their mesmerizing charm.


Origin: Algonquian folklore, particularly among Native American tribes in the northern forests of the Atlantic Coast and Great Lakes region
Description: A malevolent, cannibalistic spirit often depicted as a gaunt, emaciated creature with a heart of ice

  • Insatiable Hunger: Symbolizes greed and hunger that can never be satisfied
  • Cold and Desolate: Associated with winter, cold, and desolation
  • Transformation: Often humans transformed into wendigos due to their own greed or cannibalism

Lèlior Fragrance Match: Santal 20
The cold, woody notes of Santal 20, with icy spices and deep sandalwood, evoke the icy, desolate nature of the wendigo. The deep, earthy undertones represent the primal and haunting essence of this creature.


Origin: Irish folklore
Description: Small, bearded men wearing coats and hats, known for their trickery and association with pots of gold

  • Mischievous and cunning
  • Guardians of hidden treasures
  • Symbolizes luck and folklore magic

Lèlior Fragrance Match: Aventadora
Test your luck with Aventadora. The vibrant, fresh notes of this fragrance, with herbal undertones and a touch of zesty citrus, capture the lively spirit of the leprechaun. The subtle hints of green notes symbolize luck and the lush Irish landscape.


Origin: North-American folklore, particularly in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and Canada
Description: A large, ape-like creature said to inhabit remote forest areas, often described as being covered in hair and standing between 6 to 10 feet tall

  • Elusive and Mysterious: Rarely seen and known for evading capture or clear photographic evidence
  • Forest Dweller: Strong association with dense, remote forests and wilderness
  • Primal and Powerful: Represents a connection to the primal, untamed aspects of nature

Lèlior Fragrance Match: Wood Mood
The earthy, woody notes of Wood Mood, with rich cedarwood and earthy moss, perfectly capture the essence of the dense forests that Bigfoot is said to inhabit. The fragrance evokes the sense of mystery and the untamed wilderness that surround this elusive creature. 

Loch Ness Monster 

Origin: Scottish folklore
Description: A large, aquatic creature said to inhabit Loch Ness

  • Elusive and mysterious
  • Aquatic habitat
  • Legend and lore

Lèlior Fragrance Match: Mykonos
The fresh, aquatic notes of Mykonos, with hints of sea spray and marine accords, capture the essence of the deep, mysterious waters of Loch Ness. This fragrance evokes the legendary habitat of the Loch Ness Monster, tying into the mystery of this ancient aquatic creature.


Origin: European folklore, symbolizing purity and grace
Description: A horse-like creature with a single, spiraling horn on its forehead

  • Innocence and magic
  • Often linked to healing and peace
  • Represents purity and rarity

Lèlior Fragrance Match: Ultra Violette
The delicate floral notes of Ultra Violette, with violet and soft musk, reflect the unicorn's purity and grace, with a magical touch that captures its ethereal essence.

Unleash Your Inner Mythical Marvel

We've traversed the myths and legends, capturing the essence of creatures both fearsome and fair. With Lèlior's fragrances, you don't need a magic wand to transform your world—just a spritz will do. Let the essence of these legendary beings infuse your days with wonder and enchantment. After all, life's too short not to believe in a little magic.

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