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Lèlior's Flower Collection: From a Garden to a Bottle

In the heart of our fragrant gardens, where petals dance in the breeze and perfumed whispers fill the air, Lèlior cultivates a collection that celebrates the timeless allure of flowers. Join us on a journey from garden to bottle as we unveil the craftsmanship and passion behind each fragrance in our exquisite Flower Collection.

Roses Vanille

Begin your journey with the intoxicating allure of Roses Vanille. In the serene embrace of our rose gardens, delicate blooms bask in the golden sunlight, their petals imbued with the essence of love and romance. Here, our expert perfumers carefully pick each rose at the peak of perfection, capturing its delicate fragrance in every petal. From the garden, these precious blossoms are carried to our artisanal lab, where master perfumers skillfully blend them with zesty lemon and creamy vanilla. Through a meticulous process of infusion, the essence of roses is captured in every drop, resulting in a fragrance that evokes the warmth of sun-kissed petals and the sweetness of a summer breeze.

Lavande Rose

Wander through fields of lavender and roses, where the air is alive with the soothing hum of bees and the gentle rustle of leaves. Here, amidst the fragrant symphony of nature, we find inspiration for Lavande Rose, a harmonious blend of lavender, rose, and evergreen. As dawn breaks over the lavender fields, our harvesters gather the fragrant blooms, their purple hues shimmering in the early light. In our perfumery, these botanical treasures are transformed into a captivating fragrance that captures the essence of a serene garden in full bloom. Lavender lends its soothing embrace, while rose adds a touch of romance, and evergreen notes evoke the verdant beauty of the countryside.

Lilas Noir

Step into the enchanting world of Lilas Noir, where the intoxicating scent of lilac mingles with the warmth of sandalwood and the citrusy sparkle of bergamot. In our secret garden, the lilac bushes bloom in shades of purple and white, their delicate petals releasing a fragrance that captivates the senses. Under the moonlit sky, our perfumers carefully assemble the lilac blossoms. Nearby, the woody scent of sandalwood trees adds depth and complexity to the fragrance, while bergamot lends a bright, citrusy note that dances on the breeze. In our perfumery, these precious ingredients are combined with skill and precision, resulting in a fragrance that is at once elegant and mysterious. Lilas Noir invites you to lose yourself in its intoxicating embrace, where every spritz is a journey into the heart of a moonlit garden.

Jasmin Sauvage

Embark on a wild adventure with Jasmin Sauvage, a daring blend of clove, jasmine, and tobacco. In the heart of the jungle, where the air is heavy with humidity and the earthy scent of damp leaves, jasmine vines climb towards the sun, their delicate white flowers releasing an intoxicating fragrance that beckons to all who dare to venture into the wilderness. In our perfumery, jasmin sauvage's ingredients are blended with precision, resulting in a fragrance that is as bold and untamed as the jungle itself. Jasmin Sauvage invites you to embrace your wild side and embark on an olfactory adventure unlike any other.

Ultra Violette

Finally, immerse yourself in the ethereal beauty of Ultra Violette, a mesmerizing blend of violet, rosewood, and amber. In a hidden corner of our garden, where the sunlight filters through the leaves in dappled patterns, delicate violet flowers bloom in shades of purple and blue, their sweet fragrance filling the air with a sense of magic and mystery. As the sun sets over the horizon, our harvesters carefully gather the violet blossoms, their petals shimmering in the fading light. Nearby, the woody scent of rosewood trees adds depth and complexity to the fragrance, while amber lends a warm, golden glow that lingers in the air. In our perfumery, these precious ingredients are combined with care and precision, resulting in a fragrance that is as enchanting as a moonlit night. Ultra Violette invites you to lose yourself in its otherworldly beauty, where every spray is a journey into the heart of a secret garden.


From the vibrant hues of roses to the delicate beauty of lilacs and jasmines, each fragrance in Lèlior's Flower Collection is a testament to the artistry and passion that defines our brand. Through meticulous craftsmanship and a deep reverence for nature, we transform botanical treasures into olfactory masterpieces that captivate the senses and transport you to a world of beauty and wonder.

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