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Find Your Fragrance: The Role of a Rose in Perfumery

Characteristics of Roses in Perfumery

Roses are known for their sweet, fresh, and powdery notes. These gorgeous glimmers of scent are also intertwined with a hint of spice, making it a sensual and romantic fragrance! Roses are loved by many, and it is notably known as a feminine scent adored by women across the world. The gorgeous aroma of roses ensures its timeless role in the art of perfumery for generations to come.

Origins and Cultivation of Roses

Roses originated in Central Asia around 5,000 years ago. Researchers have found that it is amongst one of the oldest flowers in the world! Roses have been loved since day 1, which is why you can now find them in many other countries across the globe. Stunning places like France, Bulgaria, Morocco, and parts of North America foster these beautiful blooms, giving you nothing short of a lovely scent when you choose the “Rose”.

Popular Roses

Two of the most popular roses used in perfumery are the Turkish rose (Rosa Damascena) and the French rose (Rosa Centifolia), both used in top-tier perfume houses and loved tremendously. The difference between the two roses is that the French rose (Rosa Centifolia) is considered more precious and sought after because it is grown in smaller quantities, making it harder to obtain. Rosa Centifolia has a honey-esque scent that wraps around the deep red petals. Contrastingly, the Turkish rose (Rosa Damascena) is known to have a more floral and sweet scent! Nonetheless, both of these roses are gorgeous and will bloom in bright and beautiful ways within the depths of your fragrance.

Unique Characteristics of A Roses Scent

Did you know that the scent of a rose will differ depending on the weather, age, and how open the petals are? Well, it's true! Roses are precious in all facets- no matter what stage they are in, however, the aroma of a single rose will change throughout its life span. The rose, after going through many different blooming stages, will then be handpicked and used within your most beloved fragrance! Another fascinating fact is that it takes about 50 to 60,000 rose blooms to make one ounce of rose oil! That is a lot of petals! It is surely a promise that your gorgeous rose-scented fragrance is adorned with an endless amount of beautiful blossoms!

Lèlior's Rose-Based Fragrances

Lèlior has gorgeous rose-based fragrances that will turn your home into the most lovely garden. Roses Vanille, one of Lèlior's best-selling fragrances, is filled with notes of rose, lemon, and vanilla. This fragrance will bring you a hint of floral goodness that is intertwined with a luscious touch of sweet vanilla and zesty lemon. You can also choose Lavande Rose, which has a scent profile of lavender, rose, and evergreen. Make your special space smell amazing, today! 

Gorgeous and romantic, it’s roses! Sweet, lovely, and everlastingly beautiful. Introduce Lèlior's rose-scented fragrances to your home.

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