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Amazing Facts About Our Sense of Smell

The Nose Knows

When you really think about it, you may realize how incredible your nose is. Of course, it’s responsible for our sense of smell, but that means so much more than this seemingly simple understanding.

Our sense of smell encompasses so many areas, from eliciting memories to revealing emotions. Our noses are like our eyes in a sense; they guide us toward good scents, keep us away from bad ones, and even help us analyze data. They warn us when something is dangerous, like if we smell a fire burning. They help form the basis of attraction, as a good-smelling person is instinctively considered to be more attractive. 

The human nose is armed with millions of olfactory sensory neurons, which are specialized nerve cells that are stimulated when we breathe in different molecules. Each of these neurons contains about 500 different types of odor receptors, which gives us the ability to smell about 1 TRILLION different scents!

Today we’re going to highlight ten amazing facts about our sense of smell, and we’ll also share three types of scent that are extremely popular in the world of home scenting.

10 Amazing Facts About Your Sense of Smell

As we can see, the nose is a world unto itself, always working on our behalf to improve our life experiences and keep us out of danger. Now, we’d like to share some lesser-known facts about our incredible noses and our sense of smell. Let’s begin!

1. Our sense of smell is the first of our senses to develop in the womb.

2. We taste food with our noses, which is why when we have a cold, we can’t taste the food. The aromas of our food are detected by receptors at the back of the nose, which are then relayed to the brain. If the nose receptors aren’t working, we won’t be able to taste the food.

3. About 5% of the population is anosmic, or unable to smell. 

4. Viral infections can alter your sense of smell. After a cold or upper respiratory infection, some people develop parosmia, which means their brains can’t identify the smell. It is believed that the damaged olfactory neurons are repairing themselves, but this can be a process that can take from days to years.

5. A person’s sense of smell starts out weak in the morning and then gets stronger throughout the day. 

6. Our sense of smell is strongest during spring and summer, and after exercising. This is due to the added moisture in the air and in our nasal cavities after working out. 

7. Our sense of smell works the opposite of our other senses. With our other senses, we identify and then have an emotional reaction. With our sense of smell, we have an emotional reaction before we identify the scent.

8. When we sleep, our sense of smell shuts down. 

9. Cacosmia is a disorder in which people feel like they’re smelling something offensive, even if there’s no culprit around them. Even pleasant odors like flowers are experienced as revolting.

10. No matter how hard we try, we cannot turn our sense of smell off (except when we’re sleeping!)

Scents for the Senses

If you have a normal sense of smell, consider yourself fortunate. Our sense of smell is not something to be taken for granted, which is why it’s a shame not to enjoy it to the fullest when we can.

Lèlior offers over 30 hand-curated, all-natural fragrance oils that will keep your sense of smell happy for a very long time. Three scents we absolutely love are Parfum Regis, Santal 16, and Bora Bora. These are just three examples of different types of fragrances that our sense of smell loves. 

Parfum Regis is a decadently luxurious, romantic and floral fragrance oil. Inspired by the famous St. Regis Hotel chain, this exquisite aroma is decorated with top notes of roses and white lilies, accentuated with the citrusy freshness of quince, and perfected with the irresistible scent of cherry blossom. 

Santal 16 brings to mind an ethereal forest under the starry night sky. Woody notes of agarwood and cedarwood rise up to meet fragrant top notes of patchouli and black pepper, adding a uniquely enticing spiciness to this rich combination. The slightly sweet yet pungent saffron ties all of these musky scents together, creating a warm, cozy environment that beckons you to cuddle under those blankets for just a little bit longer.  

Let the exotic scents of Bora Bora take you to the tropical islands of this fragrance’s namesake, with its fresh and fruity combination of pineapple, mango zest, and green apple. Enjoy refreshing waves of sea spray and fragrant orchid leaves as this vibrant fusion of flavors is balanced with just the right amount of musk.

Scent Your Way to Happiness

A beautiful fragrance doesn’t just make you happy in the moment; that happiness carries over into your entire day, through your interactions with others. When you’re happy, you automatically act in a more positive mindset, which others receive and hopefully reciprocate.  

Furthermore, it sets the vibe in your environment, elevating you and everything in that space. A luxurious scent creates a luxurious vibe. A warm, inviting scent creates a cozy, comforting vibe. A fresh scent creates an energizing vibe.

That’s why we are so passionate about scenting. For Lelior, it’s not just about creating a great product; it’s about helping to make someone’s day a little bit brighter. Making people happy is why we do what we do, and we’re grateful for the opportunity.

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