Transform Your Car Rides with the Perfect Diffuser

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Transform Your Car Rides with the Perfect Diffuser
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Transform Your Car Rides with the Perfect Diffuser

Fragrances are a big part of creating a gorgeous ambiance and relaxing aura, and Lèlior has found a way to allow you to bring your most loved scents with you, close or far! With 3 innovative diffusers that are all compact, portable, and low maintenance, you will be able to bring Lèlior on the go! In this blog, we will review three diffusers that will be your best friend during your next car ride or road trip! 

Voyage de Luxe


To begin, we have the Voyage de Luxe! This diffuser is designed specifically for your car, allowing ultrasonic vibrations to let out finely milled mist into the air! The Voyage de Luxe is compact and moveable, and will fill up your car with the most beautiful aromas that you have ever smelled! This diffuser features nano-mist technology and an auto shut-off feature, preserving both battery and fragrance! 


The Voyage de Luxe pairs with ultrasonic oils. The range of scents at Lèlior runs far and wide! With all-natural, paraben-free compositions, it is sure that your car’s new aromas will not trigger any allergic reactions or create toxicity in the air. Lèlior is extremely conscientious about what goes into their oils and it is a promise that you are only getting the best of the BEST!

The ultrasonic oils come in many different scents, such as “Rome” which has notes of bergamot, lily of the valley, and patchouli! Or, you can opt for a sweet scent, like “Mango Colada” which has notes of mango, watermelon, and coconut! How delicious! Your car will be swirling with the most stunning aromas! 

Le Petit Voyage


The benefits of the Le Petit Voyage are absolutely ENDLESS! The Le Petit Voyage is portable, therefore, you can diffuse it in your home and then use it in your car. It is truly the most flexible diffuser you will ever find! The Le Petit Voyage can be charged by using a USB-C cord. Once it is charged up, it will run without being plugged in! The beauty of this diffuser is displayed in so many different ways! It scents up to 250 square ft, as well as having adjustable fragrance intensities and timer modes, which make it easy for you to create a fragrance distribution that is curated perfectly to match your preferences!


The Le Petit Voyage pairs with any fragrance oil that does not require dilution. Lèlior’s diffusers work with cold-air diffusion technology, so you will not need anything besides the actual diffuser and the oil! Lèlior’s fragrance oils come in over 40 different formulations, making it a seamless experience to find the one that is right for you! The Le Petit Voyage pairs with a 50ml fragrance oil, which will last you about a month (if used every day)! The oils are very potent so you will be getting a strong fragrance from just a small drop of oil! You won't need to worry about the oils being overused or running out too quickly!

Le Bonaparte


The Bonaparte is a Lèlior Amazon Exclusive! This diffuser is small and compact, scenting up to 250 square ft. The Bonaparte comes in 3 different colors: black, blue, and rose gold. The variety of colors allows you to incorporate it as a chic statement piece while maintaining beautiful aromas in your home! The Bonaparte is cordless, waterless, and lets out long-lasting aromas. The Bonaparte is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to add a hint of chicness to their car or space while infusing stunning scents simultaneously.


The Le Bonaparte works with Lèlior’s fragrance oils, just like the Le Petit Voyage. The Bonaparte has a 10ml canister, allowing you to purchase a 50ml fragrance bottle that will last for many, many months. The Bonaparte only requires fragrance oils, and no water, making it extremely easy to use. All you have to do is fill the canister with fragrance oil, close the canister, and turn on the diffuser. No additional steps are required.


It is easy to see that Lèlior’s on-the-go options are beautiful, effortless, and undoubtedly innovative. With Lèlior’s car diffusers, you will have the most gorgeous scents dancing in the air with little-to-no effort. Shop Lèlior’s car diffusers today to see for yourself!

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