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Pet, Child Safety & Our Ingredients

What is a Fragrance?

A good smell is so much more than just a good smell. It’s that happy feeling we get when we inhale it. It’s nostalgia, comfort, longing, even desire. We all appreciate a beautiful fragrance, but did you know that most fragrances are full of toxic synthetic chemicals? 

Unfortunately, these chemicals can damage our health in so many ways, both immediately and over the course of many years. Some may experience neurological effects ranging from headaches to nerve inflammation. Others may feel nauseous or fatigued after being around heavy chemical scents. 

The term “fragrance” means any mixture that conveys a scent or covers an odor. It doesn’t mean that it’s one ingredient. In reality, synthetic fragrances can have hundreds, if not thousands, of ingredients. Manufacturers do not have to list the actual ingredients because they are considered to be “trade secrets.” Who pays the cost of protecting these trade secrets? The consumers do; and they pay for it with their health.

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What’s in a Fragrance?

As stated above, a single “fragrance” ingredient can actually be a toxic mixture of hundreds of synthetic chemicals. Common ingredients in fragrances include phthalates, aldehydes (as in formaldehyde,) carcinogens, neurotoxins, and skin allergens. We encourage you to do more research into the health effects of these ingredients.

When someone falls ill, they usually look first to genetics, then diet, and then cause unknown. However, we cannot underestimate the amount of illness that may be correlated to synthetic fragrances. 

Many types of skin disorders, such as psoriasis and eczema, have been linked to synthetic fragrances. The same goes for asthma, migraines, and hormonal disorders. Considering the amount of people that suffer from these disorders and other types of illnesses, it would be wise to reconsider your fragrance choices.

Fragrance without Fear

At Lèlior, we believe that no one should place their health at risk for the sake of a good fragrance. That’s why we went to great lengths to create fragrance oils that are all-natural, non-toxic, chemical-free, phthalate-free, and paraben-free. 

We source only natural ingredients and do not use any animal products. All of our formulations are Proposition 65 compliant, meaning they do not contain any carcinogens or reproductive toxins. 

Please find our Animal Testing Statement HERE

Please find our Product Ingredients Statement HERE.

Many fragrance companies use viscous oils that keep the scent in the air for longer amounts of time. However, these oils leave a residue every place they touch, from the walls to the furniture to our lungs. That means all of the toxic chemicals that we have just smelled have made their way into our bodies. 

Lèlior uses waterless nano-mist cold air diffusion technology, which leaves absolutely ZERO residue. Our wide range of diffusers ensure an even dispersion of fragrance oil, making your home, car, office, anywhere smell amazing within seconds. Their automatic shut-off and timer settings add an extra layer of safety and protection.

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Bottom line: our fragrances are completely safe for humans and non-humans of all ages. Now, you can enjoy your favorite scent without guilt or fear! 

Not sure which scents speak to you? Take our personalized Scent Quiz to find out.

Happy Scenting!

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