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30 Tips for How to Make Your House Smell Good

A space that smells nice and fresh will always be inviting. Here are some basic tips on how to make your house smell good:

1. Regularly clean and declutter your home

As stated earlier, there are certain steps you need to take in order to maintain a fresh-smelling house. Regularly cleaning and decluttering your home can help reduce bad odors, dust buildup, and the risk of health hazards.

2. Vacuum carpets and rugs frequently

Your carpets can hold onto all sorts of dirt and debris, including pet dander, dust mites, and food particles. Vacuuming your carpets will help reduce bad odors and keep them looking fresh.

Vacuuming carpets and rugs frequently

3. Clean your upholstery and curtains regularly

Most homeowners neglect to clean their upholstery and curtains regularly, but this is an important step for keeping your house smelling fresh. Upholstery and curtains can hold onto odors from food, pet dander, and smoke. Cleaning them consistently will help reduce these odors in your home.

4. Keep your garbage and recycling areas clean

It should go without saying that your garbage can be a major source of bad odors in your home. To reduce kitchen odors, make sure to keep your garbage and recycling bins clean and covered at all times.

5. Maintain a clean and odor-free refrigerator

Spoiled Food particles can cause your refrigerator to smell bad. Regularly clean out your fridge and discard any food that has gone bad or expired.

Natural Techniques

There are different ways to make your house smell good and natural. Here are a few of them:

Open windows for ventilation and fresh air

6. Open windows for ventilation and fresh air

Opening your windows is a great way to bring in fresh air and reduce bad odors. Make sure to open all of your windows when you can, as this will help eliminate stale odors from your home.

7. Use indoor plants to purify the air

Having plants in your home can reduce the pollutants in the air, including carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds (VOC), carbonyl, particulate matter, organic compounds, nitrates, sulfates, ammonia, calcium, ozone, and carbonate, which can cause bad odors.

8. Create natural air fresheners with essential oils

For a more natural home fragrance, try making your own air freshener with essential oils. Simply mix 2 parts water to 1 part essential oil and pour into a spray bottle. Shake well before using, then spritz around the room for a pleasant scent. Some great essential oils to try are eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, and rosemary.

9. Simmer herbs and spices on the stovetop

Although this is an old-fashioned trick, it still works wonders when it comes to making your house smell good. Simply add a few herbs and spices to a pot of water and simmer on the stove for several hours. The aroma will fill your home with a fragrant scent.

10. Place bowls of vinegar or coffee grounds to absorb odors

Vinegar and coffee grounds are great for absorbing odors in your home. All you need to do is place a bowl of each near key areas, such as garbage cans or pet spaces, and let them work their magic.

How to keep your smelling good

Odor Elimination

11. Identify and eliminate the source of bad odors

Sometimes a specific source can be the cause of unpleasant odors. To reduce these odors, it's important to identify the source and take steps to eliminate it. This may involve hiring a professional or using special products.

12. Use baking soda to neutralize odors in various areas

You can use plain baking soda to eliminate odors from a variety of things, such as 

refrigerators or carpets. Put some on the affected area (like your shoes or carpet) and allow it to sit, or place some on a plate and leave it there. The baking soda will absorb the odor effectively.

Let activated charcoal absorb odor

13. Utilize activated charcoal for odor absorption

Activated charcoal is a great product for absorbing odors in your home. Place some activated charcoal in areas where odors are present and allow it to work its magic.

14. Use air purifiers or ionizers to eliminate pollutants and odors

Air purifiers and ionizers can be used to reduce odors in your home. These devices work by eliminating pollutants from the air, which can help reduce bad odors.

Scented Home Décor

15. Use scented candles, or wax melts.

Nowadays, there are a wide variety of scented candles or wax melts available that can provide your house with a pleasant scent.


16. Place potpourri or scented sachets in drawers and closets

Potpourri is a mixture of dried, naturally fragrant plant materials used to provide a gentle natural scent. To make one, combine dried flowers or herbs with essential oils. You can also purchase sachets that are already scented.

Use scent reed diffuser to eliminate smell

17. Use scented reed diffusers or plug-in air fresheners

Scented reed diffusers and plug-in air fresheners are another easy way to make your house smell good. Reed diffusers use essential oils that evaporate into the air through a set of reeds, while plug-in air fresheners introduce scented particles into the air with an electric fan. If reed diffusers and plug-in air fresheners aren't your thing, you can also purchase scented oils for use with cold air diffusers.


18. Consider scented furniture sprays or fabric refreshers

Fabric refreshers and scented furniture sprays are another great way to make your house smell good. Spray them on your furniture, curtains, or carpets for a lasting pleasant scent.

Fresh Laundry and Linens

19. Wash and dry laundry promptly

Dirty laundry can be a major source of bad odors in your home, so it's important to wash and dry laundry promptly. When drying your clothes, opt for a low-heat setting to reduce odors caused by high temperatures.

Wash and dry laundry promptly

20. Add scented laundry products or dryer sheets

Scented laundry products have been specifically formulated to make your clothes smell good. You can also use dryer sheets for an extra fresh scent.

21. Use linen sprays on pillows, blankets, and curtains

Linen spray is a liquid household product that helps to get rid of bad odors while adding a pleasant fragrance to laundry, clothing, and home textiles. A good-quality linen spray can also be used as an air freshener in your home. When using it, always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

22. Keep your laundry area clean and well-ventilated

It's important to keep your laundry area clean and well-ventilated. Make sure that the area is free of dust, dirt, and moisture which can cause bad odors.


Fragrant Bathroom and Personal Care

23. Use scented candles or air fresheners in the bathroom

Scented candles and air fresheners are a great way to make your bathroom smell fresh. Before you get ready for bed or take a shower, light a scented candle to create a pleasant atmosphere.


24. Keep bathroom surfaces clean and dry

You might not know it, but the key to a fresh-smelling bathroom is keeping it clean and dry. Make sure to wipe down surfaces regularly and keep the shower area free of mold, mildew, and soap scum which can cause bad odors.

Keep clean and dry your bathroom surfaces

25. Use scented soaps, shampoos, and lotions

There are a variety of natural and synthetic scented soaps, shampoos, and lotions available that can provide your bathroom with a pleasant aroma. It's important to remember to store them away from direct sunlight, as this can reduce their scent.

26. Wash and change towels regularly

To keep your bathroom smelling fresh, it's important to wash and change towels regularly. Hang them up after use, and be sure to replace them with clean ones every couple of days.

Maintenance Tips for Long-Term Freshness

27. Clean your air vents and replace filters regularly

Unlike regular cleaning routines, this is an often-overlooked task. Cleaning your air vents and replacing the filters regularly can help reduce odors in your home. We recommend getting a professional to do this if you're not sure how.

28. Schedule professional carpet and upholstery cleaning

Carpet and upholstery can trap odors, so it's important to schedule professional cleaning periodically. Professionals have the right tools and cleaning solutions to help keep your carpets and upholstery fresh.

29. Maintain proper humidity levels in your home

To keep your home smelling fresh, it's crucial to maintain appropriate humidity levels. You can achieve this by purchasing either a humidifier or a dehumidifier. The recommended range for ideal relative humidity that promotes health and comfort is between 30-50%. This indicates that the air contains 30-50% of the maximum moisture it can hold.

30. Perform regular deep cleaning routines

As discussed earlier, deep cleaning your home is a must for keeping it fresh and free of odors. It's important to clean not just the visible surfaces but also hard-to-reach spots, such as behind appliances and in air ducts. This will help keep unwelcome odors away from your house.


Skip The Tips and Smell Good Now 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's The Cheapest Way To Make A House Smell Good?

The cheapest way to make your house smell good is by using scented candles or wax melts. You can also use potpourri, scented sachets, diffusers, or plug-in air fresheners for a long-lasting scent. 

How To Keep Your House Smelling Good All The Time?

The best house odor eliminator is regular cleaning and maintenance. Vacuum carpets regularly, clean up pet messes, replace air filters, keep surfaces dry, and maintain proper humidity levels in your home. 

How to make your house smell good naturally?

You can use natural home scents such as essential oils, herbs, flowers, or baking soda to make your house smell good.. These natural scents can be used in diffusers, plugged-in air fresheners, furniture sprays, and more.

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