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Hotel of the Week: The Wynn Hotel®

    In the world of luxury, Las Vegas is unmatched for its array of beautiful hotels and resorts. However, one gem stands above all others - the captivating Wynn Hotel ®. This iconic haven isn't just a magnet for tourists; it's the very source of inspiration for Lèlior's beautiful fragrance, 'Encore.'

A Tale of Grandeur: The History of The Wynn Hotel®

    The Wynn Hotel® first graced the cityscape in 2005. Since then, they have claimed their throne as one of the most noticeable and lavish hotels along the illustrious Las Vegas Strip. Designed by the esteemed architect Roger Thomas, these venues blend nature and luxury seamlessly into a beautiful tapestry. Offering over 4,700 rooms, an array of world-class restaurants, a spa, and a casino, they stand as a singular destination for the traveler.

The Tale of 'Encore': The Fragrant Reverie

    Within the creators' atelier at Lèlior, the aromatic story of 'Encore' was born, inspired by the opulence and elegance emanating from the Wynn Hotel®. This fragrance intricately captures the very spirit of the hotel, combining notes of jasmine, rose, and sandalwood.

    Encore begins with top notes that combine Lemon, Verbena, Crisp Marine Accord, and Misted Rain Accord. This initial impression is complemented by subtle hints of raindrops.

    In the heart of this fragrance, delicate middle notes emerge, featuring Sheer Rose Petals, Sea Lotus, and Hedione. These notes create a floral and aquatic ambiance reminiscent of a seaside garden, where the fragrance of roses harmonizes with the calmness of the sea.

    As the scent evolves into its final stages, the base notes come to the forefront, characterized by Bamboo Wood, Clear Musk, and Rain Musk Accord. These base notes impart a comforting and grounding essence, akin to the atmosphere of a bamboo forest after a gentle rain.

    Encore, Inspired by the Wynn Hotel® stands as a testament to the art of scent, skillfully capturing the fusion of nature and luxury.

In Reverie's Wake: A Fragrant Tale's Conclusion

    The Wynn Hotel® is not just a destination for the traveler; they have inspired Lèlior's 'Encore' fragrance. The charm that characterizes this place has been carefully infused into this fragrance. The connection between the hotel and fragrance displays the ability to evoke emotions and experiences through the medium of scent.

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