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A Scent Inspired by the 1 Hotel South Beach® | Notes of Leather, Cinnamon & Vetiver

One of Our Most Luxurious Scents Inspired by the 1 Hotel South Beach®

Celui is an aromatic blend which is influenced by the luxurious hotel fragrance of Hotel 1 South Beach. These scents are paired to create a sensual, rugged, and lavish atmosphere. Indulge yourself in a musky, mossy forest, and inhale to discover the underlying tones of eucalyptus leaves and cedarwood that will transform any room into a full sensory retreat.

Celui fragrance is now available as a fragrance oil, room spray, reed diffuser, scented candle and hand & body soap, only at Lèlior de Paris. 

1 Hotel South Beach Fun Facts 

Miami-based design firm Plant the Future has created green “moments” that act as living art exhibits. Living green walls on the hotel’s façade and main lobby greet guests as they arrive. Additionally, terrariums are located in every guest room, and a gallery is located in the lobby showcasing seasonal displays. A variety of local flora and fauna provide lush landscaping throughout the property, including a grotto garden in the lobby. For 1 Hotels, dogs are family too. 1 Hotel South Beach offers extensive pet amenity services for dogs up to 25 pounds. The hotel provides pets with a welcome amenity, a dog-friendly concierge team, dog beds and bowls for furry guests looking to unwind. 

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