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A Scent Inspired by Hotel Cafè Royal, London | Notes of Amber, Nutmeg & Sandalwood
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A Scent Inspired by Hotel Cafè Royal, London | Notes of Amber, Nutmeg & Sandalwood

Scents and Their Impact on First Impressions

One of our favorite moments in life is that first second we step into a luxury hotel. We’re greeted by an overwhelming amount of stimuli in an instant. Our eyes take in the elegant decor. Our ears hear beautiful music playing in the background. Our noses delight in a unique, gorgeous smell that will likely remain in our minds forever. 

Those first few moments set the tone for the entire vacation and beyond. They are no less than magical, and those precious memories will last in our hearts and minds for a lifetime. 

First impressions are fundamentally important, as we base so many decisions on them. Today we’re going to highlight a scent that has made such an impactful first impression, we’ve decided to create a scent inspired by it.

Iconic Hotel-inspired Fragrance 

Lelior’s Cafè Royal fragrance oil is inspired by London’s iconic Hotel Cafè Royal. As one of our most popular fragrances, Cafè Royal is part of our Hotel Collection, an exclusive line of hotel-inspired scents from some of the world’s top luxury hotels. 

Within seconds of turning on your Lèlior diffuser, your senses are enveloped in the warm, sultry combination of sandalwood and musk. You take a deep breath and notice the unique addition of floral top notes and a hint of coffee. While coffee sounds like a surprising ingredient, it is an integral part of Cafè Royal’s scent, and irresistible in itself. 

Minutes later, you may find yourself lounging on the couch, unable to move because you have become entranced by this magical smell. The warm base notes of musk and sandalwood are beautifully balanced by the floral top notes, creating an aroma nothing short of magical.

Considering that our Cafè Royal fragrance was inspired by its namesake hotel, it’s not a big stretch to imagine that you’re actually there, in London, enjoying high tea at one of its premier luxury hotels. 

Escape to London with Lèlior’s Cafè Royal Fragrance

Let’s face it - our lives are busy, overwhelming, and stressful. From the moment we wake up until late in the evening, we’re bombarded by demands from many avenues. We struggle to keep up with life.

Therefore, don’t we deserve a little escape? Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a serene, cozy environment that feels like a five-star hotel? 

That’s the magic of home scenting. You can easily create an ambiance that takes you away to a special place in your mind. In just seconds, you can be anywhere in the world when you close your eyes and breathe in that exquisite scent.

Lèlior invites you to take a personal journey to the heart of London with our magnificent Cafè Royal

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